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Permit me a space in your journal to air our views on the need for Taraba state government to come to the aid of the riverine towns and other settlements in the state with good and modern water transport boats and barges.

Many of the communities from Donga up to Lamurde depend heavily on water transport especially on market days and during ceremonies like weddings. But the canoes, boats and barges are mostly old, outdated and inadequate, and most of the time, dangerous to use.

Since the modern water transportation means are costly and difficult to obtain, only government’s involvement can come to our rescue. Such boats could be channeled through our local governments or through our co-operative societies, even if they are on loans.

This will greatly help to ease movement of people and goods on our rivers, and reduce the burden on our roads.

Shetu Taka

Gindin Dorowa, Taraba State.