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It is said, leaders are born not made. The governor while addressing Taraba State Youth in His Office reiterated his commitment in rescuing Taraba State from the challenges the state is facing today and has promised to bring peace and acordial working relationship between the three tiers of government.

Highlighting his promises, the governor has shown his desire to revive and bring to live every dead project in all the ministries, departments and parastatals as he has done when he was a minister. He said that “when I assumed office as a minister I met a lot of dead projects”, so much that my staff doubted if it is going to work. They were saying “sir, it is unfortunate that you came into office at this time that almost everything is dead”.

But as a veteran politician, I said, “if they are dead they can be resurrected back to life”. What I did was to set the ball rolling anddelegated the work to individuals with proper supervision. To their greatest surprise, all the dead projects were brought back to life. I also initiated new ones using the leadership qualities that God bestowed in me. And I believe that with the same strategies I used to succeed then, I can equally use the same and even more to make sure that Tarabans breath in fresh air.

Revealing his plans, he said “here is another opportunity for me to serve my people because God has answered their prayers and brought me on a rescue mission in Taraba State. Therefore, I pledge my allegiance to God Almighty and to fellow Tarabans to bring change in all the sector of the government, starting from Security, Agriculture, Education, Health, Tourism and Culture, Sports, Infrastructure, Jobs creation, Rule of law and Economic development”.

On the area of Security; His Excellency Governor Dickson Darius Ishaku promised to boost the security fund to optimise the success recorded so far. He said his government will embark on the acquisition of the latest advanced security communication technology systems that will provide information, track and monitor the daily activities of crime in the state to reduce crime rate.

On Education; He promised to ensure that no child is denied his/her right to education by providing quality, accessible and healthy learning environment to the people of Taraba state. Along with his scholarship initiatives for tertiary institutions, he said “My Government will encourage the private sector to partner with the Government as part of their Cooperate Social responsibility (CSR). I will also inculcate skills acquisition programmes through technical and vocational training to create jobs for our unemployed youth”.

On Housing; He said his government will provide affordable housing schemes through public-private partnership (PPP) in other to increase the available housing stock and also improve policies of home ownership through Taraba home and savings .

On Agriculture; The governor stated his plans to provide incentives for farmers to boost their moral, and also make easy ways for farmers in the state to have access to fertilizer on time. As the state is blessed with natural resources, he will woo in more investors into the state that will buy their farm produce and also set up processing companies.

On Medical Care; He said,I will introduce free maternal Health Care Services in all our Hospitals in the state and also improve the quality of primary health care system and make it more accessible, I will introduce emergency services in all the state hospitals thereby reducing the over dependence on our General Hospitals”.

On Tourism and Culture; He said, “I will give level playing ground for our distinct and diverse Taraba state Cultural Heritage Centres and youth through utilizing our natural resources in the state as nature’s gift to the Nation”.

On Transportation; He said, “I will improve the current transport system in the state to ease movement and also embark on road construction as well as maintaining the existing ones”.

On Rules of Law; He said, “My Government will ensure that all civil servants in the state uphold to the rule of law. I will also ensure that civil service commission will follow the laydown procedures in the area of employment that will guarantee the right of all Citizens. I will make sure that my people are closer to government to enable closer interaction, for accountability and transparency. I pledge my commitment in ensuring peace and stability in the state for good governance as no Government will succeed without Peace”.

On Economy and Jobs; This government will implement policies that will encourage the private sector and woo investors so as to employ more citizens. We will also Identify areas where there are growth opportunities that the government will be financing to further boost economic development across Sectors and the Communities in the state.

He also planned to boost the internally generated revenue by improving the collection.

In his concluding message he implored all the citizens of Taraba state to be law abiding, tolerant to one another, shun tribalism and learn to accommodate one another irrespective of religion, social, political and ethnic background. He further thank the people of the state for their patience upon hearing the first tribunal judgement and asked them to believe in the coming appeal court judgement because the law will take it course. No one will steal their right and mandate.