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Today, Jiajia, a Chinese orphan, was offered a home in America by the Wilsons after being in an orphanage for 14 years. His joy knew no bounds and his story brought tears to many. Last week, an abandoned baby was rescued from a toilet.

Abandoned children and orphans need our help.

According to UNICEF, there are about 13 million children worldwide who has lost both parents to either war, HIV AIDS, poverty or abandonment through unwanted pregnancy.

Today, Barr. Anna is hosting those who have lost parents through insurgency.

By doing this, she is rescuing their hope and changing their outlook about life from hopelessness.

Statistics prove that most orphans end up to be prostitutes, hardened criminals, commit suicide at tender age and become child soldiers. While other so-called mothers are fighting for what does not belong to them, this mother is busy giving hope to the hopeless.

A real mother has a deep sense of humour

The other day, she was with the sick at the Federal Medical Center; during the end of year she hosted the disabled and showered them with gifts; today she partied with orphans from various IDP camps like mallum, Kofai, Mayo Dassa, Gullum, Airstrip and Sabon Gari Camp of Jalingo metropolis all within one month.

Her motherly virtues are unfolding before our very eyes as one begins to wonder how a highly educated woman of this calibre would prefer to always identify with the suffering and hopeless in society.

Her Excellency Seated at the Party with Dignitaries
Her Excellency Seated at the Party with Dignitaries

A real mother is willing to get peed, pooped, and vomited upon.

Apart from meeting an empty treasury when they assumed office, Barr. Anna and His Excellency has been heavily distracted(somehow the most distracted government so far) by the Aisha court case, yet she has been calm. She is from a legal background and has been a prosecutor for over 20 years; yet, quiet about all the lies and propaganda flying around. Wow.

 Top priority of a real mother is the welfare of her children.

She has seen it all. She has heard it all. While the court cases are raging, she is after the welfare of her children, Tarabans. Numerous events she hosts in that regard prove it. She is busy attracting attention to the suffering instead of herself.

A real mother is one who watches over her children to discover and solve their problems one after the other while placing their needs above hers. You will all agree with me that the real mama Taraba, Barr. Anna Darius is a real mother.