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No doubt as a country, Nigeria is being overwhelmed by circumstances. Such things include, but are not limited to human adversity, collapsing or collapsed institutions, natural disasters, a dissolute or disoriented political elite and a disillusioned and disenfranchised populace tottering at the edge of despair and despondency.

The rise of incivility pervades the Nigerian terrain; a nasty edginess is the order of the day. Tempers flare without notice and almost in every public place, arguments quickly degenerates to insults and bitter recriminations. Foul images are carried about like equal opportunity grenade as religious, political, commercial and even academic transactions are marked by rancor and incredible rudeness.

Things have so degenerated to the extent that the “big men” who should be belly-aching over how to solve the problems of Nigeria are getting themselves enmeshed in a game of much levity while riff-raffs, ruffians and ragamuffins are driving sane people to Golgotha with bombs.

The fact is, no country is without its problems.

We cannot but agree that Nigeria is in dire need of:

Ideology of social reconstruction,
Political and economic empowerment,
Steady power supply,
Creation of employment opportunities,
Adequate food supply,
Better health facilities in both rural and urban areas,
Zero-tolerance against corrupt officials and so many other basic amenities that the citizens of the country needs.
When the right people are in power to strive for positive change, with one foot in front of the other, Nigeria would be rid- off of its problems in various sectors of the country with time. With the right people such as Darius Dickson Ishaku, even though would not change Nigeria overnight, would be a spark to the brain that would bring about all that Nigeria require to grow.

Darius Dickson Ishaku fondly called DDI is the current Governor of Taraba State. He is among the faithful and committed leaders carrying the burning torch and leading the citizens to a brighter future as our founding fathers did.

The Tarabans are so much fortunate to have a trustworthy leader as DDI. He is an exemplary leader with utmost integrity. This was well proven even when he served as a Minister.

His integrity withstood the test of time, and he did not waver from his obligation to his people who have shown that he tremendously has the best interest of his people at heart.

He has shown that we should always refuse to rationalize the upside-down way of looking at Nigeria. Our poverty and underdevelopment should never serve as a reason for us to abandon our dignity as human beings, turning ourselves into subservient recipients.

]]]===It is on record that men and women who have demonstrated exceptional skills for positive change in philosophy, medicine, science, engineering, music, and other disciplines are honoured as idols or role models in that particular field.

Such persons became a reference point and celebrated when discussing that particular subject within and outside the community. As a role model, DDI serves as a standard of excellence and is worthy of emulation. He is devoted to the interest of the State, defending and advancing the interest of its citizens.

He upheld that a State in which there is no danger of hostilities needs to be established, and this would have to involve more than merely the absence of unfriendliness. With that implied, Gov. DDI placed real security against an outbreak of war, terrorism, among other threats that would have deteriorating effects on the citizens of Taraba State.

He cares so much for his people that he went, and is still going to greater heights to provide for them.

Life became bearable for Tarabans when basic amenities like portable drinking water, better health care systems, youth empowering programmes, the creation of better access roads and the on-going development of the Airport, which citizens of the State had so long dreamt of having.

DDI is a man not driven by greed and lust for power as is common in modern day Nigeria. He is truly an embodiment of peace.