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We the concerned citizens of Taraba unequivocally condemn perceived moves by some desperate politicians to unseat our amiable Gov. Darius Dickson Ishaku by attempting to influence Justices of the Supreme Court; when we all know that she worn in only 5 local governments out of 16.


It could be recalled that the Governorship judgment of the tribunal that caused loss of lives and properties in Taraba State waswidely condemned nationwide as thejudgement was seen as attempt of using the judiciary to force a government of the minority on the majority.

It can also be recalled that after the widely condemned tribunal judgement, Sen. Aisha came out and was thanking her Godfather Alh. Atiku Abubakar, a man from Adamawa State who had during the general elections come to Taraba and attempted to thwart the electoral process.

The Court of appeal examined the case in light of decided authorities from the Supreme Court and set aside the tribunal judgment in line with the principles of judicial precedence.

The Court of Appeal judgment was received with shout of joy in Taraba and beyond. No single soul was lost or property burnt after the Court of Appeal judgment. This shows the acceptability of the judgment.

Curiously, Sen. Aisha was seen in a video wherein she stated that a Justice of the Court of Appeal hadleaked the Court of appeal judgment to her and advised her to go the Supreme Court.

The million dollar question is:

  1. Can the Supreme Court deviate from its former judgments just because Sen. Aisha must be governor at all cost?
  2. Does Sen. Aisha not appreciate the fact that Taraba people voted massively for Gov. Darius Ishaku.
  3. Does Sen. Aisha want to use the judiciary to thwart the peoples mandate given to Gov. Darius Ishaku?
  4. Does Sen. Aisha want to cause further loss of lives and properties in Taraba State?
  5. Does Sen. Aisha not appreciate the peace that is being enjoyed across the state?

In a democratic setting, the wishes of the electorates must be tolerated, any attempt to short-change the mandate of the electorates can lead to anarchy.

Tarabans have faith in the judiciary and will continue to support Gov. Darius Ishaku to sustain the current peace across the state.

Muslim/Christian Peace Forum