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Tomorrow Thursday 18th February 2016, Tarabans will come out en-masse to receive and welcome their Governor, Arch. Darius Dickson Ishaku, wife of the Executive Governor, Barr. Anna Ishaku and their entourage from Abuja.  He has been declared the winner of Taraba governorship election for the fourth Time.

  1. He won the April 11th, 2015 Election.
  2. He won the April 25th, re-run election.
  3. He won in the Appeal Court.
  4. He won at the Supreme Court.


Tarabans are known to come out en-masse towelcome any governor they love in grand style. It happened when the former Governor, Danbaba Suntai returned from abroad after spending months in the hospital after his unfortunate plane crash.

It happened again when the present Governor won at the Appeal court in Abuja. Now it is happening again. This time around, they want to celebrate the governor they cast their votes for in a big way. They have more reason to do so now because he had been working hard to fulfill his campaign promises.

Since 2015, Tarabans have been feeling the heat of politics; it has not been easy for all. Many people suspended projects and plans that depended on the stability of the government.

Hearts beat, tongues wagged, people prayed and all kinds of things happened in Taraba when the court cases were going on.

After all the stress; Tarabans now want to celebrate their final victory in pomp and pageantry.

Things to mark the event:


Public Holiday: Public holiday was declared to give Civil Servants and school students the opportunity to welcome the people’s governor.

Security: Security agents have been working round the clock after the Supreme Court declaration to ensure safety of lives and property.  They’ve already been stationed in various parts of the town to ensure that the celebrations go on peacefully and no life is lost.

Local Government Areas: Local government chairmen are mobilizing their people to come out en-masse from every local government to welcome the people’s governor.

Wife of the Deputy Governor: Wife of the Deputy Governor has also been spotted making her preparations. She is organizing women to welcome Her Excellency in grand style.

Media: The media, radio and TV had been on air informing the people to come out and receive their governor.

Safety: Everyone is advised to be sensible and moderate in conduct.  Governor  Darius is a peaceful man. He will not want anyone to harm himself during the course of the celebration. Those with vehicles should drive carefully and compose themselves moderately.

Finally, we encourage everyone to never use foul language on anyone.  During the celebration, thank God alone and do unto others what you want others to do or say to you.

Happy celebrations in advance.