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First VIP to Visit: No Governor’s wife or top politician has ever visited the community other than Her Excellency, Barr. Anna Darius Ishaku. The people of this isolated interior village called Sunkuru have never voted in any election, they have no idea what a voters card looks like let alone having a polling unit from INEC. It is paradoxical that Her Excellency made a historic and hectic trip to an isolated area where her husband never got a single vote. This is the height of service to humanity.

Massive Entourage: Commissioners, some Local Government Chairmen, PDP Women Leader and some members, Staff of Hope Afresh Foundation, Special Advisers, representatives of women groups, Security Personnel and the Press Crew were among Her Excellency’s entourage. Another treasure base

Two stop overs: Her entourage stopped over at two locations before proceeding to their destination. Bali Local Government Area where they were received by the Bali Caretaker Chairman and NGADA coordinator at Government lodge and Sabon Gida village where she came out and danced with the waiting crowd.

Rough terrain for travel: Her visit showed that the  road network is not easily motorable but at the same time filled with so many beautiful naturally laid down stones. They had to cross rivers, hills, valleys and forests.

Industrious and Hospitable people: The people are hospitable and industrious as they were able to manually construct a road to make it motorable, specifically in anticipation of Her Excellency’s visit.

The people crawled and rolled on the ground: The most interesting  and amazing part of the visit was the way the villagers welcomed Her Excellency by crawling and rolling on the ground, dirtying their clothes in the process in order to show their appreciation.

GECHAN founder was also there: GECHAN founder and former Director General, Rev. Art Helwig, who is directly caring for over 15 thousand orphans who registered with GECHAN  spread across 18 villages within Ndola community, was on ground to welcome Her Excellency and her entourage.

Thousands of people affected by the visit: The people of NGADA, has a population of over 34,480 people  spread across the 5 LGAs. The lives of these people will never be the same again. The Ndola people are spread over 116 villages covering 5 local government areas of Bali, Donga, Kurmi, Gashaka and Sardauna.

Ten Villages Welcomed Her Excellency With Jubilations: There are ten villages between Kungana village in Bali LGA (the entry point to Sunkuru), and Sunkuru in Kurmi LGA.

These include: Garba 1,Nahuta,Musa,Garba 2,Sabon-gida,Maiwiya, Tazarche, Sale,Tukura and Maimolo in that order.

As Her Excellency passed through these villages, she was welcomed with jubilations by both the young and old, waving and dancing, with banners carrying inscriptions of ‘WELCOME, MAMA TARABA’ and ‘MAMA OYO YOO’ with some posters placed on trees.

School Free Day: School children were also let out of school to welcome Her Excellency’s entourage.

Village square was filled:  The village square, where Her Excellency was received, had everyone in the village and environs in attendance. Men, women, youth, children and aged.

She alleviated their suffering: She made donations of grinding/milling machines and motorcycles which will seriously ease their challenge of milling grains manually as well as ease movement in and out of the community.She also donated treated mosquitoes nets to pregnant women and children.

She enhanced their security: The community was under security threats due to attacks by unknown Gunmen, but her Excellency was able to curtail the challenges by Employing about 30 Vigilante personnel placed  on monthly allowance of 4,000 Naira each to help safeguard the community, which also served as a source of employment to the community. This shows that her visit brought hope to the NDOLA community.

First to be Conferred: She is the first Taraba state Governor’s wife to be conferred with the title “the mother to the motherless” by the Coordinator, Rev. Joseph Nagombe on behalf of the people of Sunkuru, as she ate from the same dish with the people.

Entertainment and gifts: The Ndola people entertained Her Excellency with dances and gifts. What a loving people. They were really happy.

Land of rich vegetation and resources: The land is rich with natural resources such as Madrid trees and other trees good for timber which the Government or individuals can invest in. There are also abundant land for cocoa plantation, oil palm plantation and other cash crops can also be exploited by government as proven with the exhibition of some of these crops in her presence.

Woman of compassion, endurance and stamina: The distance from the community to a motorable road before the manual construction was about 10 hours long trek and even with the construction, it was very difficult to drive through due to creeks, forest and mountainous terrain. However, Her Excellency patiently endured the distance that many in her position could not have risked. All in all, she was on the road for over 18 hours (to/fro Jalingo), enduring road bumps, darkness, crossing rivers, valleys, hills and forest just to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged.