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In his response  speech, the Executive Governor of Taraba State ably represented by the Hon. Commissioner of agriculture and natural resources  Hon. Dr. David Ishaya, calls on the students toshun all forms of social vices on the occasion of the 2016 matriculation ceremony of the college of Agriculture, Jalingo held on 15th March, 2016..

Ladies and Gentlemen

I am highly delighted to be invited to the 2016 Matriculation Ceremony of the Students of College of Agriculture, Jalingo.

I understand that the ceremony is usually organized by the College to acquaint the newly admitted students with the environment as an academic institution and educate them on what is expected of them in order to create a conducive learning atmosphere.

Being in the College is a rare opportunity therefore, I appeal to all of our youths on a strong note, to make good use of the opportunity while here in the College because the future of this country depends on you as leaders of tomorrow.

You have all listened to the speech of your Provost in which she enumerated and emphasized on the college academic requirements and the rules guiding the conduct of each and every one of you for the period which you would be staying here as students.

I am equally appealing to all of you to shun all forms of Examination Malpractices, cultism and other related social vices and concentrate on your studies so that your academic achievements as the future leaders of the country is guaranteed.

You are all aware that Agriculture in the country today is the main focus of the Federal Government, and is fully captured in the Rescue Agenda of this Administration as one of the major solutions to our economic problems in the Country.

In this regard, no investment in the Agricultural sector both in terms of training and supply of inputs that would be considered too much. This administration is committed to providing all the necessary inputs to our farmers for better yield and also training of Agricultural Personnels  through established Agricultural Colleges and Institutions  to ensure self-sufficiency in food production.

It is in this regard that this Government considers it necessary to site the Green House project in College of Agriculture, Jalingo.

The Provost in her speech highlighted some problems in the College which includes lack of potable water, inadequate accommodation for students and staff .The governor assured them that Government will look into their problems and resolve them.

This administration in her Rescue Agenda programme has taken the issue on water supply very serious. This is why Government has considered it necessary to mount and connect overhead Tanks at strategic locations here in the college for adequate water supply and distribution.

Finally, I want to appreciate both the staff and the students of this College  for being  Ambassadors of Peace and Peaceful Co-existence in the State. It has been on record that the students of this College have never organized any form of demonstration since the inception of the college. This buttresses the saying that a farmer is a very patient person.

In fact, this is a pride not to College Community alone but to the State Government as well. I therefore urge you to maintain this virtue so that your College would be a model of peace and citadel of learning amongst the Institutions in Taraba State and Northeast Sub- region

Thank you for listening, and God bless you all.