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As he works hard to find more creative ways of constructively engaging them, Governor Darius Ishaku has described youths in the state as partners in progress and a cornerstone of his Rescue Mission. The governor observed that young people in the State have continued to give him reasons to rejoice, even as he assures them of his unalloyed commitment to their wellbeing. He also enjoined them not to lose hope in the face of the current harsh economic realities assuring them of better days ahead.

gov-ishakuThe governor’s observations are contained in a statement from the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello. The statement reads in part, ” Youths matter to our governor and he has always emphasized this. You know during the campaign he was always with young people trying to get a unique glimpse into their challenges.

No young person should feel abandoned as the governor is always thinking and planning for them. Let me point out that Governor Ishaku love for the youth stems from the fact that he is first and foremost a father that has youngsters at home.

He once told me that, in a way, he genuinely feels in his heart all young people are his children. Whatever he wishes for his ward, he wishes for them too. He was also a teacher, a fact that saw him dealing with youth matters especially their educational excellence. He is abreast with students unionism as a university don. Beyond these, he is also an avid follower of youth engagements within and outside the state.

Don’t forget that as a former minister of state for the Niger Delta, the rehabilitation of critical youths from the creeks was one of his primary duties. It was, of course, a difficult and daunting task which he carried out well. It is to his credit that he contributed immensely to them regarding scholarship and skill acquisitions culminating in the production of a phone by the youth called MINDA, that is, Made In Niger Delta. Governor Ishaku fervently likes the innovation of young minds with the same intensity he frowns at thuggery, drug abuse, and other anti-social behavior.”

Bello continued that “the Governor is, therefore, aware of the issues and is tackling them. One way he is doing this is to provide the basis for self-employment. Reliable and steady supply of electricity, for instance, has significantly impacted on the work many young people are engaged in. Ensuring peace and security and working towards harmony has helped the youths too. The governor also appointed an aide from that demography to compliment the work of his commissioner of youth.

That is the seriousness he attaches to youth matters. I can assure the youths that the Governor supports any initiative by youth geared towards growth. As I write this, the governor and his team are working towards greater interaction with the youths at all levels where he would expand his base with them. This would come in the way of periodic town halls and more direct contact with the governor at the grassroots.”