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Activity Observation Remark
Town hall meeting at Duste Ward: Construction of roads and bridges are needed to enable them move farm produce to Takum from the following villages: Basang, Muji, Fadama, Denyina, Mbiya and Tanyi Ministry of Rural Development  to note.
  Lack of Classrooms in primary schools, for example in Fawen pupils sit under tree to receive lessons. Ministry of Education/SUBEB  to note
  Lack of borehole in Denyina and other villages where humans and animals struggle for water from the same ponds. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
Urban communities presented the following requests:  Need for electricity in Akaten   Ministry of Rural Development to note. 
  Need for a transformer in Tampa area to step down electricity.   Ministry of Rural Development to note. 
  Need for boreholes in some areas like ukwen polling unit.   Ministry of water Resources to note. 
  Request for inclusion of Widows and Orphans in subsequent empowerment programmes.   Chief of Staff/Ministry of Cooperatives and poverty alleviation to note. 
  Provision of Scholarship to less privileged Children.   Ministry of Education to note. 
   The Traditional Head of the ward raised the issue of non-payment of salaries to some LG staff. The team told the Ward head that affected staff should complete their bank biometric processes. 
Visit to Rimi Primary School.  Request for fencing of school and other Schools along major roads to prevent knocking down pupils.  SUBEB to note
    A hand pump in the School has broken down.  Rescue Team to assess the cost of repairs and see if they can fix it in their next trip.
Visit to General Hospital Takum.

This is a follow up from October’s visit.

More wards have been opened as additional nurses and midwives were posted as requested in October report.  The PMO commended the Governor for posting more Nurses as that shows His Excellency’s commitment through the Rescue Watch teams.
   PMO also appreciated the State Government for Sponsoring him for Residency program.  
   The PMO made a request for the supply of diesel to run standby generator  Ministry of Health/HSMB to note.
 Visit to Gen. T.Y. Danjuma Health Centre.   Inadequate staffing  
    Some Staff are owed up to 8 months Salary.  
    Lack of toilet facilities.  
    Need for a bigger generating set to power a deep freezer for vaccines.  CTC Chairman to take note.
 Visit to Bridge  across Ndiban in Takum.   The bridge is completed and put to use. Community are so happy.

However, concrete work still needs to be done by the side to prevent it from being washed away.

 Ministry of Works to note.
 Visit to 33,000 Litre Overhead tank at Rimi  It needs a pumping system to pump water into the tank since a borehole near the tank already exist.  Ministry of Water Resources to note.
   The big water board tank located opposite IKAM Church can achieve maximum utilization when kashimbila Dam becomes fully functional.  
 Visit to skill acquisition Centres   Training for wood carving and other skills were ongoing and all trainees catching up with training.  
 Security Issues   Incessant robbery attacks reported in Chanchanji by Contact Person.
Border issue between Taraba and Benue States at Chiakara and Kashimbila is generating tension.
 SA Security and Security Agencies to note
Condolence  The team visited the Madaki of bete’s residence to commiserate with family over his demise.  Cash support was given to the Family.