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Town Hall Meeting at Suntai.

Traditional ruler requested the government to look into the following:

  • Request for a Police outpost in Kungana.
  • Request for additional Policemen in Kungana.

SA Security and Police Commissioner to note.

    Request for a borehole in Kungana. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
  The Team’s Visit to Taraba State Polytechnic Suntai The Acting Rector lamented the lack of accreditation in many of the programs in the Polytechnic. Taraba state Polytechnic Governing Council should take note.
    Also complained that his acting capacity limits his ability to pursue accreditation process. State Government to note.
    Students suffered robbery when resuming School. There is need to restore the operations of the Zenith bank in Suntai. Ministry of Finance to liaise with Zenith back on this situation.

Vist to Suntai Health Care Centre

The following needs were identified:

  • Need for Solar borehole.
  • Lack of beddings in the Clinic.
  • Staff complained of non-payment of salaries for past 5 months.
Taraba state Health Services Management Board to note
  Assistance at the clinic Three Patients were assisted with N6000 each  
  Repairs made at  Kwana Shuo
The team repaired 2 boreholes in Kwanan shuo  
  Repairs at Biyu along Suntai-jatau road Repairs of another borehole in mile biyu along Suntai-jatau road.  
    The culvert that links Jatau with Takalafiya is in a deplorable state and need urgent attention. CTC Chairman to act.

The Team’s Visit to Kungana Health Centre

  • Lack of matrasses in the clinic.
  • Submersible pump stolen.
CTC Chairman to note.
  Assistance at the clinic Six (6) Female patients were assisted with N2,000 each totaling N12,000. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
    In Jatau, one Alh Kawo Jatau was assisted with N15,000 to offset surgery bill. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
  Visit to Bali General Hospital The structures of the Hospital needs renovation Ministry of Health to note.
  • Need for the supply of beddings.
  • Request for Monthly Running Cost.
  • Non-functional Dental unit in the hospital for lack of Personel.
  • Inadequate drugs in the pharmacy.
Health Services Management Board to note.
    Lack of Water in the premises. Ministry of Water Resources to note.

The Team’s Visit to Gangtiba

Request for the construction of a block of Classrooms. SUBEB to note.
    Request for provision of a dispensary CTC to note.

Visit to Takalafiya ward

Request for construction of the road from Takalafiya to main road. Ministry of Rural Development to note.
  Visit to Dakka Request for a health facility in Dakka. Ministry of Health to note.
    Request for construction of Pamanga-Dakka road Ministry of Rural Development.
  Visit to Maihula Day Secondary School Request for additional block of Classrooms as the School currently runs shift Ministry of Education /Teaching Service board to look into the situation
  Visit to Ganglari ward Request for drilling of borehole. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
    Request for renovation of a primary school. SUBEB to note.
    Request for provision of an engine boat to serve as ferry. Ministry of Rural development.