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Activity Observation Remark

Visit to Royal Father and Elders at Akate Ward

The following were presented :

Request for feeder roads to various villages in Akate to enable them move farm produce with ease.

Ministry of Rural Development to note.
  Request for fertilizer and farm inputs. Ministry of Agriculture to note.
  Renovation of Clinics, Schools and Dispensaries, boreholes and burnt down Akate town hall. CTC Chairman/SUBEB to note.
Town Hall Meeting at Akate Ward

Some of the issues identified at the meeting included:

  • Encroachment of GDSS Akate land and need for fencing.
  • Lack of Kitchen in the School.
  • Nonchalant attitudes of teachers in the schools were lamented.
Ministry of Education to note.
  Request for boreholes in  almost all the polling units in Akate Ward. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
  • Need for feeder road from Akate-Ogondo and Akate-Guruza.
  • Request to connect shagu village to National grid.
Ministry of Rural Development to note.
  • Completion of Akate district office.
  • Request for payment of a token allowance to Vigilante.
CTC Chairman to note.
  Need for additional transformer in Akate. Rural Electrification Board to note.
  There was agitation for creation of another ward from Akate due to its size and terrain.


  Primary schools in Suege, Akpaku, Mba’ase, and Gbor had their roofs blown off. SUBEB to note.


GDSS Tor-Damisa

Request for English and Mathematics Teacher. Executive Secretary Post Primary Board to note
Kabawa Health Centre
  • Lack of drugs
  • Lack of trained and qualified Personnel’s
  • Lack of equipment
CTC Chairman to note.