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Activity Observation Remark
Visit to the palace of Head of Gangumi Ward The District Head was full of joy for the recognition accorded him and his people. The District Head promised full support for His Excellency.
Town hall Meeting at Gangumi Ward

Participants were overwhelmed with joy as this was the first time a government came to them not during election.

The following were request presented by participants:

  • Grading of road from Gayam to Gangumi.
  • Gangumi produces farm products but lack accessible roads to transport them.
Ministry of Rural Development to note.

Lack of portable drinking water in Gangumi as Community depends on water from nearby river.

Ministry of Water Resources to note.
  Request for the renovation of primary School as pupils still receive lessons under trees. Ministry of Education/SUBEB to note.

Mal. Musa Umar, the PDP Chairman of Gangumi expressed gratitude to Hon Nicholas Bulus for providing the only engine boat in use when he was a Member TRHA.

He requested his Excellency to compliment the effort.

Description Request for a Health Facility in all villages in the ward. CTC Chairman to note.
Description Requested for grading of Gangumi-Machula road. Ministry of Works and Transport/TARCMA to note.

PDP Woman Leader appreciated His Excellency’s empowerment programme and pleaded for inclusion of more Women.

Chief of Staff/SA Manifesto to note.

Visit o Skill Acquisition Centers


All participants were in their training centres and catching up with training.


The team leader encouraged them to pay more attention.

Visits to Sick and Physically Challenged persons

Mallam Muhammadu Ibrahim who is Physically challenged was assisted with the sum of N10,000. He appreciated the gesture of His Excellency as this was the first assistance since his ordeal.
  Mallam Gidado Umar, An accident victim on crutches was given the sum of N10,000. He appreciated the gesture of His Excellency as this was the first assistance since his ordeal.
  Alh. Ahmadi Haladu who has been confined to wheel chair for the past 20 years since his accident, was given the sum of N10,000. He appreciated the kind gesture of His excellency.
  Assisted Mallam Musa Ishaku’s daughter with N10,000 for eye operation  
  Other patients assisted include: Mal Abubakar Isa Gashaka N10,000; ASP Yusuf Tukur (Rtd) a case of Stroke N20,000; Mal Buba musa a diabetic N10,000. They were all full of joy and appreciation to His Excellency for this is the first time such is being experienced in the state.
  Water pump and overhead tank in serti has been vandalized. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
Visit to Government facilities. The bridge at mayo-Jam in Jamtari ward is seriously eroded. All the pillars are badly affected. Ministry of Works and transport to draw attention of Federal Ministry of Works to this.