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Activity Observation Remark
Town Hall Meeting took place in Jimlari Ward The following requests were presented:

State Government to call attention of FERMA to repair road from Lankaviri to Mayolope.

Ministry of Works to note
  Request for borehole in Jimlari. Ministry of Water Resources to note.
Visit to Kunini Comprehensive Health Centre Need for drugs and trained health personnels. Ministry of Health/HSMB to note.
Visit to Cottage Hospital, Lau, Mayo-Lope Budon Dispensary
Lack of drugs and trained staff. Ministry of Health/HSMB to note.
GSS Donadda
  • Has only 6 permanent staff, more staff needed.
  • Needs more classrooms as there are only two at the moment.
  • Need for a library and laboratory.
Ministry of Education and Teaching Service Board, take note.