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Activity Observation Remark
Town Hall meeting at Rafin-Kada Ward
  • Inadequate Medical and administrative staff.
  • Use of analogue/outdated Medical equipment.
Ministry of Health/HSMB to note.
  Insecurity and non-payment of the available security personnel’s. LGC to liaise with the Vigilante to assist.
  Need for employment of more personel. Civil Service Commission to note.
  Need to provide modern equipment such as X-ray and Scanning machine. Ministry of health to note.
Visit to Government Technical Training School Wukari Problem of insecurity. SA Security Police and Vigilante to assist.
  • There is low enrollment as students are only 25 in number.
  • The Staff room, typing pool, examination hall and the technical workshops were all vandalized.
  • The vandalized equipment should be replaced, offices, halls and workshops be repaired.


Ministry of Education to note.
  Security should be provided to protect students, teachers and the school property. Security agents to note.
  Peace campaign should be intensified. Ministry of information and re-orientation/Inter-religious Council to note.
Visit to Chonko police outpost and Health Care center
  • Insecurity.
  • Lack of security personnel (Police) at the Chonku Police outpost.
SA Security/Police to note.
  • Inadequate portable drinking water.
  • Breakdown of the only Solar borehole.
Ministry of Water resources to note.
  Lack of electricity. Ministry of rural development to note.
  Inadequate drugs in health facilities. CTC chairman to note.
Visit to Wukari Abattoir The abattoir is huge government project that has been abandoned. Ministry of Agriculture to note.
Visit to Vigilante Office
  • The team discovered that their allowances have not been paid for sometimes.
  • Need for mobility to carry out surveillance and operations.
CTC Chairman to note.
Town Hall Road from Agavyon to Asun and African Church is not motor able. Ministry of rural development to note.
  • Lack of standard market in Tor-Orsha that will help boost revenue generation.
  • Lack of Maternity Clinic for Delivery.
  • Irregular payment of salaries was identified.
CTC Chairman to note.
  Request for fertilizer and other Farm implements during farming season. Ministry of Agriculture to note.
  The water project in Rafin kada is abandoned. Ministry of Water resources to note.
Visit to Government Catering House, Wukari 
  • The Government guest house was under construction but work was abandoned for a long time.
  • Work is at an advance stage, there is need for government to complete it.
Ministry of Culture and Tourism to note.