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While it is no longer news that Gov. Darius Ishaku spent the Christmas holiday in his country home, Takum, an aide of his has explained the motive behind the series of meetings the governor held while at home.  Ishaku was also at various local governments, meeting with youth, women and other social groups where he encourages an open exchange of ideas.

Ichen Elders pay Courtesy Call to Gov. Ishaku

Ichen Elders pay Courtesy Call to Gov. Ishaku

In a statement, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, said the governor is always committed to the people in more ways than one. He said, “this sort of interaction comes to the Governor naturally. He’s people friendly. What the Governor is doing is creating more avenues to directly connect with the people as part of the assurance he gave the state that he would continue to run an open door policy. He is a governor for all and not a few privileged individuals. And the essence of democracy is becoming a servant of the people. He is there for the people and not the other way round.”

Bello said the era when constituents found it difficult to meet their leaders physically is fast fading, stressing that the Governor would continue to provide platforms to reach more groups and individuals directly with the sole aim of hearing from them and meeting immediate needs.

He said, “if not for the arduous demands of office work, the governor wouldn’t mind spending the entire day sitting with the people and hearing from them directly. That’s why even after office, the Governor continues to meet with people deep in the evenings. This helps a great deal with the necessary feedback needed for policy formation. Of course, the people all have elected representatives who are doing their work, but nothing compares with this hands on, on the spot sort of approach the governor prefers. So Tarabians should expect more of such interactive sessions where the governor would get first-hand information from the people.

Gov Ishaku does not believe in the mystification of power where people are shielded from their leaders. He tries to establish personal contact with the electorate as often as possible. This is not just about playing politics but something deep inside of him. He thus would be enhancing on this work ethics to spend more time attending to the people while carrying out the works that need to be done.”