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The Governors of Taraba and Benue States have agreed to find a lasting solution to the crisis in the two divides so that people within the affected areas can go about their normal businesses unmolested.

The meeting was held at Moon village in Kwande local government area of Benue State, which lies along the border areas of the two states.

In their separate speeches, the two Governors, Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba state and Samuel Ortom of Benue state, called on the people to remain calm as efforts are being made to find a lasting and agreeable solution that will be beneficial to both states.

Governor Ishaku in his speech, dwelled on the importance of peace and peaceful coexistence among the tribes that are resident in the area, pointing out that, they are brothers and sisters that have to imbibe the spirit of give and take which is a necessary ingredient for peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

He called on the TIVs, the Jukuns and Fulanis to be patient as he and his Benue counterpart are determined to solve the lingering misunderstandings peacefully, beginning from Kashimbila, particularly Moon, Akwana and Ukum among others.

Darius Ishaku maintained that they are operating on the same page most especially now that the country is about to embrace cattle ranching, citing Chile as an example where farmers and grazers relate peacefully without any form of friction.

He revealed that Taraba state would soon liaise with Federal Ministry of Agriculture to bring improved grasses to the state so that both grazers and farmers can take advantage of and it would be planted in Mambila plateau in Taraba state.

Governor Darius Ishaku told the gathering that, the demarcation is just for administrative convenience and tasks the two sides to be law abiding and respect constituted authority not minding which side of the divide they belong.

On his part, the Governor of Benue state, Samuel Ortom said as Governors that have the interest of their subject at heart, he is confident that lasting peace will be brokered so the people can once again experience enduring peace.

Governor Ortom maintained that Moon would remain in Benue state while Chanchangi will remain in Taraba state and called on those propagating the return of Moon to Taraba and Chanchangi to Benue to desist from such agitations that do not mean well for the people of the two States.

He also stressed that no alteration will be made on the existing land demarcation which dates back to 1920s.

He maintained that proper adjustment of the boundary would be worked out taking into cognisance their similarities and otherwise as well as involving the National Boundary Commission for its success.

Speaking further, Governor Ortom said very soon a meeting would be convened with farmers, herdsmen and stakeholders with a view to bringing the crisis and other unforeseen problems in the area in its totality to an amicable end.

The Benue state Governor added that ranching will be introduced so as to avert the lingering crisis between farmers and grazers and stressed that ranching is now the best practice in the rearing of animals the world over, but however called for patience and understanding from the farmers and grazers so that at the  end, an acceptable modality would be worked out so that they can relate peacefully which will eventually translate into bringing to an end the senseless loss of lives and the wanton destruction of property.

Samuel Ortom equally said, there must be an arrangement that will guarantee our people to live together peacefully, devoid of trespass, encroachment that often lead to clashes which the end result is the maiming of people and the destruction of property, pointing out that when normalcy is returned and records are put straight, the Federal Government would be contacted to come to the aid of people that have been affected by the crisis.

Accordingly, he tasks all to respect constituted authority not minding which side of the divide one belongs, either Taraba or Benue state.

Also speaking, the Sole Administrator of Kwande local government, Hon. Orngu Daniel said farmers in Moon district hardly go to their farms for the fear being attacked which has made life unbearable for the people of Moon village.

Orngu Daniel disclosed that for about five years now, children of school age in Moon district have not been going to schools because most of them are seeking refuge in some parts of the two states, pointing out that most of the schools have been destroyed as a result of the crisis which spanned for over five years.

The Sole Administrator pleaded with the two Governors to come to the rescue of the people of Moon and other villages who have been dislodged from their ancestral land to come back and live a peaceful life like other people in the two states.

In his speech, the Aku Uka of Wukari, Dr. Shekarau Angyu Masa Ibi Kuvyon Il, who is the Chairman Councils of Chiefs, Taraba state called on the Jukuns, Tivs and Fulani to find a lasting solution to the problems so that the people can go about their normal businesses without any form of intimidation or harassment from any of the tribes.

Dr. Shekarau Masa Ibi further tasks the people to support the two Governors so that they can restore peace in the affected communities and as well contribute maximally to the development and growth of the two states.

In his contribution, the representative of the Councils of chiefs, Benue state, Chief Sule Abanga posited that all the three tribes have suffered from the crises and call for sincere and holistic approach to resolving the impasse which has lingered for so long making lives unbearable for the three tribes.