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Governor Darius Ishaku has allayed fears of civil servants by assuring them he would not rest until all salary arrears are sorted out. While the state workers are not being owed, some workers especially teachers are complaining. Ishaku said he is not sleeping on the matter and that he has practically declared a state of emergency in that sector.

He said he has been personally involved in resolving the logjam. The governor also said government exists for non-salary earners as well who must be catered for. He noted that while considering salary earners, his administration is also bothered about other Taraba residents who are not on government payrolls.
In a statement signed by Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, the governor noted that salaries are very important as they make the economy more lively. He said, “as a salary earner myself, I know the import of that critical aspect of a worker’s life. I have told my team that no one who sweats for weeks should have to worry about his or her salary. It is their entitlements. As I worry about that, I also worry about pension and gratuity.
I’m not playing politics with this matter. And I’ve warned my team not to even contemplate it. We are going to pay everyone who is entitled. Recently, working with our grass-roots teams, we were able to map out all the schools and teachers too. No teacher should worry about salaries as they are our fathers and molders of our children characters. This is even more so as I’ve been a teacher too and I know what this means to us.”
The governor noted further that government exists too for those who do not get salaries. He said, ” while we are ensuring that salary earners are not shortchanged, it is important to note that we are also providing infrastructures for those who don’t get salaries. And they are many. We need to provide them with roads, hospitals, security and all the other social amenities. So you see, we have to factor them in too inside the little funds we get from the federal purse. That is why we are working round the clock to cater for farmers, youth groups, and women. The entire state is my constituency and we are committed to all inspire of his religion or region.”