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By Samson Zanunga.

Special Adviser on Revenue Monitoring and Mobilisation, Hon. Luka Agyo has applauded the huge development Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has achieved in his two years in office.

Hon. Luka Agyo, Special Adviser on Revenue, Monitoring and MobilisationMr. Agyo who condemned the negative comments and criticism on the Governor from all and sundry, was quick to say, “I think for anybody to be in power, that individual has the backing of God. So, those fighting Governor Ishaku in the name of opposition are invariably fighting God”.

Speaking to Taravoices in an exclusive chat, the Special Adviser stated that the reforms in the revenue generation strategy the Governor deployed, has seen the Internally Generated Revenue of the State rise by triple figures.

In his words, “the coming into office of our Governor, whom you know is an architect and from the organized private sector, knows a lot. He sat down and strategized on how to tackle the menace going on in the sector because to be honest with you the sector was in shambles when he took over as there was no accountability, so I must say the strategy helped a lot.

VHe added, “he devised a method where a checkpoint is mounted and a receipt is given to you and for every truck that plies that route is recorded and the amount paid. If they don’t pay, there is no way they will be allowed to pass, so, the method is working and now our IGR has quadrupled which is a big testimony to the excellent leadership the Governor has been demonstrating”.

He explained that, the Government of the day is transparent and a lot of projects are going on in the State, these he stated are projects that will further increase the revenue of the State.