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Taraba state citizens have been urged to continue tolerating each other and be one another’s keepers. Governor Darius Ishaku said this in his message to the Muslim faithful on the occasion of the 2017 Eid-el-Fitr. The governor, who congratulated Muslims on a successful completion of the fasting said the lesson of the Ramadan must be fully embraced.
Speaking through the Senior Special Assistant, Public Affairs, Emmanuel Bello, Governor Ishaku said the festive period is also a time for sober reflection on the virtues of forgiveness, kindness and good neighborliness. He said Taraba state is blessed to be disparate in nature where unity in diversity is its main philosophy. 
He said, “I congratulate and greet our brothers and sisters who have observed the Ramadan which is a period of abstinence, sacrifice, and deep devotion. The goals of all faiths are to make us better human beings who love the Almighty and also love mankind. Today’s Sallah is thus a celebration of all we hold dear: mercy, hope, love, and respect for one another irrespective of our differences.”
Governor Ishaku who commended Muslims for working towards peace said he would continue to support such efforts. He noted that some people would seek to divide the citizens along sectarian lines but that tolerance is key to a healthy coexistence. He said, “this is a perfect day to recommit ourselves to things that bind us together. Incidentally, today’s Sallah is on a Sunday too as if God is sending a message of interfaith collaboration. Personally, I see how children play at school playgrounds not minding their faiths. Or a teacher imparting knowledge irrespective of how they worship. Or when a mother goes to her neighbor for salt not minding faith differences. I see how a trader would watch over the other’s ware while he or she has gone to pray. Our doctors or men in uniform working together to save lives irrespective of their beliefs. These are the beautiful examples that give me hope that we can live as one.”
He said, “we all have to come together, confront those who seek to divide us with hate rhetoric and speeches. Islam is a religion of peace as its tenets dictate. I’m proud of my own background which brought me early in contact with both faiths as I was growing up. Many Taraba citizens can attest to these relationships either as family members or friends. We must continue to build on this unique ties to deepen love, peace, and unity.”