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A reliable source at the National Assembly has told KWARARAFA Reporters that, but for the timely intervention of Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha representing Taraba South,  Sen. Yusuf A Yusuf would have had his prayers for emergency rule in Taraba State granted.

The source said,  “Mr. Yusuf had approached Sen. Bwacha.  Yusuf went with the new senator from the Northern Zone, Shuaibu Lau. They went to Bwacha to intimate him of their plans. They actually wanted his support for their prayers.

“But Sen. Bwacha told them outrightly that he will not support certain aspects of the prayers. Precisely,  Bwacha specifically  told Yusuf to remove the figure of 500 as the number of Fulani killed in the Sardauna crisis.  Bwacha told him that the number is indefensible in the light of reasons and peaceful resolutions of conflicts.

“Bwacha also said he can’t support the call for emergency rule which was prominently featured in the prayer documents. I think they went to Bwacha because he is their senior and he is also the Deputy Minority Leader. In all fairness to Yusuf,  he actually agreed with  Sen. Bwacha and expunged those items from the document”.

Thereafter,  according to the source, Sen. Bwacha delivered a stinging defence for the State, saying, he told the Senate that the crisis was a failure of leadership at all levels from the Federal to the State down to the Local Government.

The source added that, “Bwacha also frowned at the swiftness with which the Federal Government rushed to tackle the Mambilla crisis because Fulani lives were involved. Bwacha wondered why there was no such response when he was raising the alarm of similar carnages around the State.

“He reminded them of the several times both he and Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State have tried to draw attention to the plights of other groups without any positive reaction. He recalled a time when over twenty five Tivs were locked up in a room and set ablaze. And the other several times people  have been killed in the Southern parts and other Areas of the State.”