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The Executive Chairman of Wukari local government council in Taraba, Hon. Daniel Adi has urged herdsmen across the country to embrace ranching to better the education of their children.

Adi who was reacting to the anti-open grazing law recently passed by the state House of Assembly in an interview with journalists in Wukari said the old method of moving cows about was denying the children of cattle rearers access to education. 

According to him, Fulani herdsmen and their children also deserve quality education just like the children  of the elite in the society and called on Fulani elite not to be selfish, but support the law to give children of herdsmen equal access to education.

“Ranching will make the herdsmen stay in one place where government can provide schools, hospitals, water and other modern life infrastructure for them and their children.

“If education is not good, why is it that children of Fulani elite are not in the bush moving cows from one point to another, but are attending the best of schools in the country.

“I therefore, called on the Fulani elites especially in Taraba where their people protested against the anti-open grazing bill to help in sensitising and enlightening their people of the benefits of the law and government good intentions,” he said.

While calling on the people of the state to support the governor in his efforts to restore peace and bring development to the state, the chairman said the security of the herdsmen and farmers will also be better taken care of when the governor ascent to the law. 

He lamented that the state has witnessed a lot of crises in the past and it was time to look inward and come out with measures that can help end the crises and bring development to the state.

Contrary to wide held views that the law was out to drive away Fulani herdsmen in the state, the chairman said it would rather help in improving the quality of livestock, adding that there was no such provision in the law. 

On what he has done to bring peace in Wukari and it’s environs which used to witnessed a lot of crises, Adi said he was proactive and sincere in handling security issues in the local government without bias.