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So you want the governor to pay attention to your criticisms? Keep reading to discover what to say that will make your inputs count.

Quote the Rescue Agenda.

The Governor already has a blueprint of the better Taraba he wants to see and is contained in his green book called Rescue Agenda. Make effort to go through the rescue agenda and see for yourself where the government is headed.

Taraba state Governor will listen when he knows you read the book, know where he is coming from and where he is going, since he personally took his time to produce an all-encompassing Rescue Blueprint that will last for many years ahead, and help the Taraba masses at large.

When you follow the blueprint you could easily notice an area to base your observations on. I bet that when you quote those areas and make critical observations, the Governor will listen to you because you will be speaking his language. Click here to read the Rescue Agenda.

  • Facts and Figures

Is there a rubbish pile at Mayo Dassa? A broken road at Ibi? Or a school where 275 children are sitting on the bare floor at Ardo Kola? Quote place, date, and give graphic details, if possible. Sure, if you say it respectfully and honestly, the father of Taraba, who will not like to give a stone to his children who ask for bread, will definitely listen.

  • Informed Suggestions that Carry Weight

The Governor of Taraba state has severally said he is open to constructive criticisms that will help the state move forward. That is the best thing any good leader will say. Since he has opened the floor, we need to take advantage of that juicy offer.

Do you know of a better way of tackling the numerous problems of the state like alleviating poverty? Making Civil service more attractive and so on, supported by solid principles from academic or research sources? Then you have a genuine case of what it takes to catch the attention of the Governor.

You’ve discovered that ordinary folks can actually say things that can influence government decisions when they base their case on the Rescue Agenda, facts, and figures and informed suggestions. These strategies have not only worked for people world over, they are a smart way to catch the attention of any strategic leader easily.

Next article will reveal how to present your case and the formats to use.