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Taraba state Governor Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku has urged the people of Takum to fervently pray for General TY Danjuma for the enormous contribution he has been rendering to almost every spheres of the state.

Governor Darius Ishaku made the appeal today at CRC-N GU Almasihu in Tikari ward of Takum Local Government Area, revealing that, the state-of-the-art Special Reference Maternity Hospital which is near completion and is cited in Takum was courtesy of General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma retired, saying that very soon the facility would be put to use and that people of the state, particularly Takum and it’s environs will be the greatest beneficiaries of the project.

Darius Ishaku reaffirmed his determination to continue to do his best for the people of the state, most especially in the provision of basic amenities that the citizens of the state can benefit from and encouraged the congregation not to relent in praying for their leaders and also tasks the people of Takum to alway pray for good health for the elder statesman, General Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma.

He disclosed that, very soon the Takum\Kashimbila road constructed commencing from the Takum central Market extending beyond the Army Barracks, which the three bridges were constructed by the elder statesman would be commissioned by him as a mark of honour and respect to him.

The Taraba state Governor, lamented that most of the current agitations by various sections of the country is as a result of the imbalance and lack of sincerity in addressing issues and grievances without any form of sentiments and heaped most of the blame on the political class and stressed that until things are done correctly in the country only then will things begin to take shape and most of the agitations will die a natural death.

Darius Ishaku used the opportunity and commended his wife, Barr. Anna Ishaku for being a worthy partner and supporter of all his initiatives, most especially in giving details to areas that were hitherto ignored by him because he was in haste and proudly acknowledged her sterling contribution in most of his policies and programmes in the state.

In his sermon, the CRC-N President who doubles as the TEKAN National President, Rev. Dr. Caleb Ahima called on the congregation to come together and contribute positively in building a place that would be used to worship God.

Caleb Ahima said coming together to build for God should be a continuous process and supported his assertion with a scriptural quotation from the book of Nehemiah chapter two versus four to eighteen, stressing that, building of places of worship will continue until Jesus comes.

He used the opportunity to call on people who are wealthy, particularly, the political class to do their best by carrying the people along and to also ensure that peace reign in their respective domain.

Caleb Ahima asserted that leaders are people that should be full of positive initiative that will transform the livilihood of the people.

The cleric challenged the congregation to always appreciate and pray for those that God has chosen among them to serve as leaders, and lamented that, there are people no matter how you try to please them, they will always find fault and charged the congregation not to be people that are never appreciative of any goodwill done to them, but rather show gratitude at all times.

The CRC-N President encouraged Governor Darius Ishaku to continue to do his best and not to be wieghed dawn by unnecessary brokering of the people that are never appreciative of good things, rather he should forge ahead in doing good for the state

He called on the congregation to accord the Governor the support he needs in order to be effective and efficient, saying that, wisdom and intelligence can fade but seeking the face of God is Supreme in every man’s life.

In his welcome speech, the resident Pastor of CRC-N GU Almasihu Tikari, Rev. Shem Nuhu appreciated the Governor for the work he is doing in Takum and the state.

The Pastor who spoke on behalf of elders of Tikari ward thanked the Governor for the ongoing roads rehabilitation and the construction of a gigantic culvert to link Tikari and Abuja in Takum as well as the sinking of boreholes which has reduced water scarcity in the area, most especially in the dry season and the prompt intervention in halting the farmers and grazers clashed in Takum and Ussa.

Shem Nuhu reminded the Governor of his promise to equip the clinic in the ward and assured him of the support of people of Tikari ward and the entire Takum local council.