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Women and Youth Empowerment

Women and Youth Empowerment

What makes it shocking? What makes it brilliant? What makes it lifetime? This article will attempt to answer these and much more at the end of which you will know that Governor Ishaku is not only a Governor that has stuck with campaign promises but with a heart to help people at a more personal level, which is a rare quality among politicians.

The State Governor DDI as he is fondly called has been empowering women and youth through the Rescue Watch arm of the Rescue Agenda. He has just recently inaugurated the third batch. This is so because the first batch has yielded remarkable fruits that anyone can explore.

Three things that make it shocking include the fact that the 1.) The Governor pays both the trainees and carefully selected trainers. 2.) Trainees are allowed to train on the skills of their choice as an apprentice where they would not only learn the skills but also the business aspects of dealing with customers and resources. 3.) After the training, the Governor gives starter packs that will jumpstart their new business. For example, Tailors are given two types of sewing machines while computer trainees are given a complete set of computer equipment.

Three things that make it brilliant include 1.) Every nook and cranny of Taraba is suitably represented. That is, all the 16 Local Government Areas, 2 Special Development Areas and 168 wards, totaling 335 trainees in all. This means there was no bias in religion, tribe or location of trainees. 2.) Variety of skills being learned which are all related to the prevailing needs of Tarabans, thus improving the general economy of the state such that people would be encouraged to remain in their local communities and develop it. 3.) Empowering of extended family and friends of the trainees, since these trainees who were initially not getting anything can now assist people close to them in areas of education, health, and other issues. Hundreds of people have testified about assisting loved ones in all these areas.

This brilliant aspect clearly shows that though just 335 people were empowered, thousands of people would directly or indirectly benefit.

Three things that make it lifetime is that the business training, payment to trainees and trainers, provision of free starter packs and constant supervision has made it a lifetime empowerment in 1.) Helping the businesses to grow steadily over time 2.) Transfer of the established businesses to loved ones in case anything happens to the trainees 3.) Diversification of the businesses to other ventures with the availability of funds from the established businesses.

Governor Darius Ishaku is changing lives and is ready to do even more. After empowering the first batch of 335 persons, he empowered the next batch of 448 persons and now over 600 persons in the third batch are in training with a monthly allowance of 10,000 each. Let’s support this unique system for a greater Taraba tomorrow.