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The Coordinator of Ngada Special Development Area in Taraba State,  Rev. Joseph Nagombe has said the creation of the Special Development Area has saved the lives of over 100 women annually from pregnancy complications.

Nagombe disclosed this in a chat with journalists in Jalingo on Monday.

According to him from the medical statistics available to him over 100 women have been of pregnancy-related cases annually before the creation of the Development Area in 2017.

“For the past one year, we have not lost any woman due to complications in pregnancy because the people of the area can now access medical services for the first time since the creation of the world.

“Before the creation of the Special Development Area, the wife of the Governor,  Anna Ishaku trained some traditional birth attendants in the area to handle cases of pregnancy.

“Many people in the area before now were not aware of anything called a hospital and were using crude ways of birth attendant and every year we do loss about 100 women during delivery, due to lack of medical attention during pregnancy,” he said.

He commented the Governor for the empowerment of 60 youths and women trained in various skills as well as the employment of over 200 people to work in the secretariat of the Special Development Area.

The Coordinator informed that he had started implementing the Strategic Development plan for the area by planting over 60 cocoa plantation and 500 palm trees for the economic survival of the area, adding that plans were on to ensure the financial independence of the Development area within the shortest possible time.

In the area of Security,  Nagombe said they had employed 50 vigilante members to help police the area,  adding that the construction of a police station in the area was on the way.

The people of Ngada in Taraba state were prior to their discovery by the wife of the Governor Anna Ishaku in 2016 not known by the government and were without any modern infrastructure.