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Residents of communities in Lau LGA that have come under heavy attacks lately are crying for help from government saying they are helpless in the face of the latest herdsmen attacks.

Our Reporter has it that Nasarawo, Sabon Gida and Mayo Lope communities, among several others have already been sacked leaving on their trail few men, women and children who have since fled the communities for refuge elsewhere.

It was however learnt, that the dwellers of these communities are on the run for fear of the marauders.

Mr. Bala Madaki, is a resident of Nasarawo in Lau LGA and he revealed that

“The Fulanis that are attacking us are not within, we in Nasarawo are only about 10, the rest have fled.

“We are only there to protect our land. I can’t leave Nasarawo. Our call to government is that they help so that we can live peacefully. They must intervene because these people are beyond us”.

Our Reporter, however made attempt to speak with the army authorities in charge of the crises areas, but they debunked the allegation going round in the crises area.

On ground to speak on the matter is Commandant, 23 Armoured Brigade Yola, Brig. Gen. Bello Mohammed. He said the issue on ground was being incited by persons who were not on ground in the crises areas.

According to Madaki, who is in charge of the Adamawa/Taraba general area, government of both Adamawa, where the crises emanated and Taraba were on top of the situation hence, there was no cause for alarm.

“I am in charge of the general area. You see allegations like these take one off guard. I can’t work for 30 years and lives are being lost. If I can’t pay for it now, I will pay for it later”, he defended.

He said the public was being misinformed of happenings on ground, adding that even though there were isolated cases, it was not enough ground to generalise.

According to him the areas affected were Demsa and Numan in Adamawa and Lau in Taraba State.

He decried the lies  being told about the crises and stated that the NSCDC, DSS and Police have been deployed already to complement the army on ground, even as the state actors stay on top of the situation.