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  1. Reciprocity – This is the law of cause and effect which states that what you sow is what you will reap. Governor Ishaku shocked everyone when he traced his relationship with Sen. Aisha to an encounter he had with her years ago, before he was confirmed as a Minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Back then, she organized a party to honor him without his knowledge at her residence just before he was confirmed by the Senators. According to him, it was this forum that enabled him to meet 75% of the senators who were to confirm him as minister, and the confirmation went smoothly later on. He has a special respect for her as a result of this.

Lesson: Do good to others when you have the opportunity, because tomorrow is pregnant.

  1. Politics is a Game: During 2015 election, Gov. Ishaku and Sen. Aisha were the two major contenders. Despite their tough Political battle that saw them up to the Supreme Court, their relationship was never severed. According to them, they kept calling themselves brother and sister during that period, up to this day.

Lesson: Politics is a game. As a supporter, do all you can to support your candidate, but don’t take it too far. Those you are supporting are seeing it as a game that must be won, and not a do or die affair.

  1. Courage: According to Ingersoll, “The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” Sen. Aisha, though defeated in 2015 Governorship elections under APC and in 2019 under UDP, she still stands tall and courageous. No wonder she is fondly described as a courageous and victorious loser. She has never allowed her losses to affect her relationship with her political opponents in any way.

Lesson: Learn from your losses without losing your heart, friends, relationship and sanity. Your destiny is in God’s hands.

  1. Love Conquers All: Love made Sen. Aisha to organize a party in honor of Gov. Ishaku, before he was confirmed as a minister. Love made him to reciprocate the gesture in so many ways. Immediately after the 2019 election, when he heard she was sick, he called her and also sent people to her. As soon as she returned from India, he and his entourage visited her at her house. That is love.

Lesson: Love is the greatest force on earth. What you cannot achieve through fighting and hatred, you can achieve through love. Get love for God is love.

  1. Humility Glows from Within: Someone once said, “The humble man is unconquerable”. Jesus also said, the meek shall inherit the earth. It takes humility on the part of the Governor of Taraba state to visit the Senator Aisha, despite his very tight and busy schedule. To others, calling her on phone and greeting her, or simply sending a delegation, claiming being busy, would have been just okay. Instead, he damned the consequences. That is humility.

Lesson: There are lots of things to be protected more than our ego. Let’s watch out for those things, like Gov. Ishaku did.

  1. Sentiments are Evil: Both Gov. Ishaku and Sen. Aisha are from two different parties, two different tribes, two different religions, and of course two different genders. Apart from these, they have had a tough fight for the seat of power in 2015 and 2019, yet, they both kept all these differences and sentiments apart, to do the needful.

Lesson: Let’s overlook our differences and look forward to what will make us achieve our goals in life. Power belongs to God alone and He gives it to whosoever He wants.

  1. Peace brings development: His Excellency, Gov. Ishaku visited Sen. Aisha…a lot of glee and happy moments followed. She reciprocated his kind gesture by visiting him in Government house two days later, a lot of merriment and joyful moments followed again. Doctors will tell you that Chemicals like endorphin, oxytocin and serotonin, which are happy hormones, were released into the blood of many supporters. Our religious leaders will call it godly love that makes God happy…whatever we call it, we know the end result will be peace.

Lesson: When we honor and respective one another, irrespective of religion, gender, tribe or political affiliations, we will enjoy peace and God will be happy with us all. Our future is in our hands.

By Grace Lowland Amaefula.