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Late Gara of Donga, Dr. Stephen Bayonga, Garbose 111.

It is not my duty to defend Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku against his critics but I can’t stop myself from doing so on the issue of the recent death and burial rites of the Gara Donga, Dr. Stephen Bayonga, Garbose 111.

The reason is that most of the people criticizing Governor Ishaku for not being personally present at the burial of the late chief of Donga are doing so in ignorance and have been very unfair to the Governor.

Their only grouse against the Governor from what I have read so far is that Governor Ishaku did not personally go to Donga for the burial. I don’t know if these critics were aware that the Governor was not in the state at the time of the passing of the Chief.

The truth is that Governor Ishaku was not in town. He was engaged somewhere and with an issue very crucial to the interest of the state. If Ishaku had abandoned the issue that took him out of the state in favour of the burial, a lot of people would have again accused him of losing his sense of priority.

The point that needs to be emphasized here is that Governor Ishaku’s absence did not in any way diminish the honour that the late Donga chief deserved in death. Governor Ishaku ensured that everything that was necessary to give him a benefitting burial was done. The governor would not like to come into the public to disclose such things.

But I know as an indigene of Donga who is also close to the family of the late chief of the generous attention the late chief got from Ishaku during his sickness. I am aware that government ensured that the chief had access to good medical attention and also paid all the bills incurred.

After he died, Governor Ishaku convened a meeting with leading family members of the late chief where elaborate plans were made to give a befitting burial. The government hired and paid for the plane that brought the corpse to Kashimbilla from where it was carried to Donga by road.

Every expense associated with the burial was borne by the government. It is not expedient for the government to come before the public to say all these. These, certainly, were more crucial for a successful burial than the Governor’s physical presence or isn’t it?

Yamosa Andetu.