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If you are one of those who has been impacted, directly or indirectly by this Mother of Substance, Her Excellency, the Wife of the Executive Governor of Taraba State, take a moment and say a prayer for her. As you say this prayer, you will reap the reward of gratitude. The following reasons should encourage you to do that easily.

1.) *Mother to Thousands* – She is so passionate about the weak and downtrodden that she goes out of her way to lend a hand in very unthinkable ways. For example, She travelled through rough terrain and criss-crossed rivers for over 12 hours to discover the Ndola people, bringing them many firsts…Hospital, school, police post, empowerment programmes etc

2.) *Taraba to Limelight* – In 2016, she shot Taraba to International limelight after she selected and supervised a team of experts on a project that won an International award in the USA, after competing with several countries worldwide.

3.) *Pacesetter* – She has ventured into what many people will hardly think of doing. Can you imagine one renovating a state cemetry, or getting limps for amputees, or training tailors for Sierra Leonean designs or taking definite steps to curb drug abuse in the society etc.

4.) *Modesty* – She is definitely someone you would want to emulate in fashion, intelligence, time management, leadership and empathy.

5.) *Awards* – Her hardwork has been recognized through several awards.

6.) *Homemaker* – When you visit her at home, you will know you are home. She is definitely in charge.

7.) *Beauty* – Even after 60 years of age, her beauty still glows. She is beautiful.

8.) *Industry* – H.E, Na’a Ndola is very industrious. She keeps herself busy helping humanity.

9.) *Educated* – She is a Barrister and has risen through to the highest rank in Civil Service.

10.) *NGO Impact* – Through Her NGO, Hope Afresh Foundation Taraba, she has impacted thousands in so many ways.

By Grace Lowland Amaefula.