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Owing to reactions on the social media regards to misleading headline by Premium Times and other sources (both online and otherwise) that Gov. Ishaku has a hand on the plight of one Joseph Israel, a 100 level student who was expelled from Taraba State University for failure to abide by the school rules and regulation, we feel necessary to keep records straight by stating unequivocally that it is an attempt to blackmail, for those online sources to attribute the former student’s dismissal to his constant criticism against Gov. Ishaku led government of Taraba state, leaving his offences which are punishable by expulsion according the rules and regulations guiding the running of the institution, as roughly captured therein.

It suffices to say that the motive of the news item is to drag the Governor’s name in the mud. This is malicious, condemnable and uncalled for.

The Taraba State University is a state owned institution with autonomous power and necessary academic facilities ranging from qualified Vice Chancellor to Lecturers, down to reputable Governing Council composed of eminent personalities from all angles of human development.

Of recent, the management of the Institution embarked on periodic Staff/ Students Verification Exercise under the committee inaugurated by the VC to vet both Staff and Students, rebooked their particulars, ascertain the total number of genuine staff and students, to weed out those who failed to meet the laid down employment/admission requirements such as found wanting in the area of gross misconduct, fake certificates, incomplete registration and other unwholesome character on Campus.

This decision was against the backdrop of the Governor’s call to overhaul the system so as to cushion measures to solving some challenges bedevilling students/staff welfare on campus.

In the process it was discovered that one Joseph Israel, a 100 level student of Chemistry who later changed to Laboratory Science due to poor performance was caught on the web of incomplete registration process within the stipulated period, aside the culpability of staying away from the matriculation ceremony where form to prove his abidance to the rules and regulations of the institution with his signature and subsequent submission to his Head of Department has been deliberately ignored. And these are offences punishable by expulsion.

So what do you expect from the committee saddled with such responsibility? To condone stubbornness and credit activities of rogues? No.

The essence of every institution in Nigeria, with no exception of Taraba State University is to award certificates and plaques to students both on Character and in Learning. And this so called Israel was found no worthy of any!

By the way, why must this boy’s case becomes an issue of news headline amongst other defaulted staff and students, of which some whose letter of admission/employment were withdrawn shares same local government with Gov. Ishaku?

How significant is a non-performing 100 level student to the might of a Governor? Could it be that the boy has been sacrificially pitched on the School by a media runner so as to stampede on rules and regulations, and when dismissed by the authority, he should be staged on the altar of media peak for cheap political scores? So ridiculous and pity!

On his penchant for criticism on Facebook as wrongly spread as the crux of his rustication from the institution, Taraba state government under the leadership of Gov. Ishaku has no time for moral-bankruptcy of his rank.

There are numerous of such eroded characters on Facebook dishing out baseless criticism on the social media and none has ever been intimidated or harassed by agents of the government under the order of Gov. Ishaku.

Gov. Ishaku is urbane and refined, too focused to subscribe to doing undemocratic act as such.

He’s rather too occupied with the execution of his Rescue Agenda, which is gradually putting Tarabans on the pedestal of global indices in growth and development.

So resort to stooping low to fighting a little brat like Israel and his minions who are ranters on Facebook is an attempt to demean the reputability of Gov. Ishaku – Which can’t be tolerated!

Gov. Ishaku says repeatedly in many gatherings of Tarabans that he welcomes constructive criticism, and that doing it in good faith spur him to achieve more in all fronts.

So it is absurd to align the travails of this young unguided element, whom for long bade farewell to decorum and delist attending lectures and studying from his menu to serving as social media thug, to Gov. Ishaku.

It is therefore against the backdrop of the misconception and twisted narrative being peddled by some online media sources that necessitated this rebuttal.

Gov. Ishaku has no link with Taraba State University on her activities which are purely academic, and being handled by Professors and capable governing council manned by eminent personalities.

Kassim Abraham.