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Taraba Truth and Fact, a Tabloid that seeks to highlight Taraba State and her people published an article titled “You are a Betrayer” as excerpts of an interview with Senator Emmanuel Bwacha CON the Senate Deputy Minority Leader on 20th January, 2020.

It is rather unfortunate that our Senator choose to vent his supposed grievances on the pages of a newspaper to the utter shock of the greater majority of his supporters in Taraba South Senatorial District.

It might interest the senator to note that, but for Arc. Darius D. Ishaku the overwhelming support that he got from our Areas wouldn’t have been possible having regard to the lopsided distribution of his constituency projects as a senator of the Federal Republic from 2011 till date and skewed allocation of employment slots for employable graduates of our Senatorial District.

In the 2019 election particularly, His Excellency, during his Christmas message to the people of Taraba South Senatorial District urged our people to support PDP in the February/March elections from “bottom-up and up to bottom”. Why then did the governor sponsor another candidate against him?

It is very funny that the Senator is accusing His Excellency of sponsoring another candidate against him. Is the Senator saying nobody from another Party would have contested against him? Does the Governor have the right to stop any other person from contesting for Senate seat other than Senator Bwacha? The Governor is a status person, his name could be dropped here and there, and he is not under obligation to be joining issues on every insinuation.

His Excellency’s Polling Unit is Kofar Sarkin Jukun Sabo I in Gaweton Ward of Takum local government area people can always check result of 2019 Senatorial elections of the unit to see the scores of Senator Bwacha of PDP and other candidates.

As people from Taraba South Senatorial District, it is incumbent on us after due cognizance of our common challenges to play down partisan prejudices and rally round the governor to focus on our developmental challenges rather distracting him with innuendoes.

Leadership, is seeing today’s reality clearly and predicting the future with significant accuracy, is distinguished Senator Bwacha modest in alleging that Arc. Darius D. Ishaku has betrayed a trust? Between the two of them? The people of Taraba State or Southern Taraba in particular?

Well perspectives are optional, but where we find ourselves today calls for caution; without moralizing our leaders need to manage every pressure (Political, Environmental, Social etc) in ways that would not create tension and mistrusts amongst our people. In pursuing our political ambition, which of course is every body’s right we need to be guided and must not be deficit in the manifestation of the values of truth and the fear of God. We must not use extreme conceit and lies to seek political relevance especially when it involves wishing to become the Governor of a state like Taraba.

Since His Excellency came on board we have watched with profound shock the treachery and malignance that he had to go through at the height of premeditated crisis that engulfed our zone, people who by their position would have stood by him stayed aloof and played politics with even the security of their people. What a very unfortunate scenario.

We have also noted developments from the political stable of our Distinguished Senator before the 2019 elections that were suggestive of arrogance and outright disrespect to His Excellency. The Governor never bothered or lose sleep in the face of all those misdemeanors, he remained focus obviously to the chagrin of the Senator, by delivering him the Senator in both primaries and general elections even when two of his Commissioners went into the primary election with the Senator.

It would be recall that recently, the Senator gave out Vehicles to all the Traditional Rulers that the Governor upgraded in our zone, as plausible as the intention appeared, courtesy demand that the Governor would have been informed, the Senator never thought it necessary. An act that was certainly meant to slight His Excellency.

Stakeholders of Taraba South pursued a legitimate cause in 2013 when agitation for power shift started, they, including Senator Bwacha did not engage in subterfuge and character assassination. Our knowledge and lesson of history in Taraba State should remain a guiding post in order to attain a stable and predictive sub-region where trust amongst the various ethnic groups would be galvanized for the benefits of this and the future generations.

His Excellency Arc. Darius D. Ishaku is our leader and deserves every respect from all of us, malice can’t take our zone anywhere, neither can Taraba State move forward if anybody seeks to govern it with lies and deliberate falsehood.

As Believers in God we know as of fact that power belongs to God, He gives it to whosoever He wishes at His own time. Seeking to tear one another down shouldn’t be an oblique way of life. Taraba State particularly is a phenomenon.

Southern Tarabans must close rank and eschew all forms of bitterness and support His Excellency, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku to give us our share of democracy dividends beyond personal hand outs and skewed allocation of constituency projects.

1. Hon. Bitrus Yakubu Ibi
2. Hon. Paul Adizenku Agyo Wukari
3. William Lodiya Takum
4. Bar. Maigida Kimamra Ussa
5. Hon. Wanga Savala Donga
6. Anthony Garba Yangtu S.D.A