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Politics objectively is the basis for which to pursue and achieve democratic goals such as development and freedom for all. It insulates players from hate and coercion, making political association free, fair and just.

Like political actors, every political activity has a terminal point so that those in power enjoy the leverage and authority to rule pending when their time is up. This means that where the people understand and appreciate democratic values, partisan attitudes evaporate in thin air soon after electioneering. That is the best thing to do so that those elected settle down to the business of delivering democratic dividends to the people.

In Nigeria, the situation is coloured by sentiments due to factors which bother on aggressive partisanship, religion and ethnicity. Religion builds the character of an individual distinctively for a better society. However, the evil of corruption permeates every tribe, ethnicity and religion. That is why there is no particular ethnic group or members of any religious persuasion that belongs to a particular party in a heterogeneous clime like ours or is free from the corruptive tendencies that bedevil any society.

Therefore, there is no room for political shenanigans; unless we want to destroy our society, our people and nation. We must also keep in mind that in a democracy, every elected officer has a term limit. It’s not like an authoritarian or despotic society. That’s the beauty of democracy.

In Taraba State, since 1999, when the country returned to democratic rule and has remained without any military intervention in the political process as it used to be, the three senatorial zones of North, Central and South in that order with Jolly Nyame, Danbaba Suntai and now Darius Ishaku have completed the political circle of governing the state, which is only fair.

As 2023 is slated for another round of elections, it is therefore better to allow whosoever is in Government House Jalingo to complete his term enjoying the support and prayers of all Tarabans.

Only recently troublemakers embarked on destructive rumour mills about Governor Darius Ishaku, who has been away in Abuja. Instead of wishing Governor Ishaku well, some mischief makers went to town with unfounded rumours about his health. They even wanted to set the deputy governor Haruna Manu needlessly against the governor to cause confusion and disaffection.

Ishaku’s stay in Abuja does not take him away from his official duties as he keeps holding meetings with his deputy, Haruna Manu and other cabinet members.

He hosted the maiden sensitization meeting of the Mambilla hydroelectric power project and also visited the World Bank regional office in Abuja where he persuasively presented his score card and solicited the Bank’s partnership in areas of development projects. This is an example of a governor who is mobile and committed to his responsibility. As an astute politician, Governor Ishaku knows the fundamental needs of Tarabans and he addresses them adequately and timely.

Taraba State is moving on under the leadership of Governor Darius Ishaku. Civil servants are getting their salaries and allowances regularly and timely, unlike in some other states, where salaries have remained unpaid for 39 months. New appointments are still being made like that of Dr. Danjuma Garba, the new Director-General of Taraba State AIDS Control Agency (TACA), announced only recently in February.

Perhaps to recap, when Governor Ishaku took over as governor of Taraba state about five years ago, the situation both in social and economic terms was deplorable.

For instance, insecurity reined high with communal and religious crises on top. Governor Ishaku invited stakeholders, including security chiefs, traditional rulers, and community and opinion leaders to seek ways of restoring peace to the state.

Also, there was epileptic power supply in the state. In the capital Jalingo and rural communities of the state humans shared shallow water sources with animals. The situations were quickly reversed to the better by Governor Ishaku. So the light and water enjoyed in both urban and rural Taraba today did not happen incrementally; it was the effort of Governor Ishaku, who speedily acted with executive fiat to improve the general conditions of the people. With one giant step taken, the Jalingo Water project today provides relief.

Again, the moribund companies have been resuscitated and jobs given to many job seekers. Some of the companies resuscitated include, the Mambilla Beverages limited, producers of highland tea. The company for the first time in decades started making profits. The Taraba Oil Mills Limited, Baissa, Viva Feeds Mills, Zing, Taraba Gas, Taraba Poly Products Limited and The Taraba Microfinance Bank are some of the companies that benefited from Ishaku’s Midas touch.

There has been huge training in several areas of skills acquisitions all over the state with trainees given start-up kits to go into full business.

In the area of education so many strides have been achieved, prominent among them is the Taraba State University, which had only three professors when Governor Ishaku took over, but now it can boast of more than 50 professors recruited through the instrumentality of Governor Ishaku to upgrade the university to amiable standard, and also ensure its first graduation ceremony 10 years after its establishment. WAEC performance rose under Gov. Ishaku from 18% in 2015 to 75%. Taraba State is the first in WAEC performance in the north and 8th in the whole country.

Infrastructural development has received accelerated and massive boost. He has constructed the Jalingo-Kona dual carriage way, Magami road network, Takum-Katsina-Ala road, Takum township roads and the Jalingo post office road. Other roads projects embarked upon by the administration include the Kpantisawa road, Wukari-Tsokundi road, Takum- Chanchanji road among others. Lights have also adorned many streets of Jalingo.

The health sector has recorded a boost in the area of hospitals renovation and strengthening of primary healthcare centers across the state as well as numerous other achievements in the sector. The Taraba Vegetables Company known as the Green House is one of the landmark achievements in the agricultural sector.

When he took over the governorship, Darius Ishaku pleaded with Tarabans, thus: “give me peace and I will give you development”. This he meant it. Therefore, you can’t expect peace if you give him anarchy . For example, some misguided people are trying to push Taraba into becoming a den for kidnappers. This is unfortunate. Yet he has continued to assure Tarabans of peace and stability so that safety for all will prevail.

So much in all sectors has been accomplished to take Taraba to another level. So politicians, what do you want for Taraba? What can be done better than the superlative performance of Governor Ishaku, who has unarguably been steady in pursuing his development goals? The numerous merit awards across the country from various organizations attest to this fact.

Moreover, as to his victory, the Supreme Court has put a seal on that. What else do we Tarabans want? He has three more years to go. However, his life lies in the hands of God as the lives of all of us. In the same manner we can, again, safely pontificate that his political future lies in the hands of God and Nigerians. We can play fair by sitting loosely in the saddle of life as we watch him wade through the challenges of development. Then we can wait for 2023, which time our politicians can roll out their political manifestos and flaunt to the people for the opportunity to be elected to perform magic if they can. So, there is no need to derail the current journey. For now the Rescue Agenda beautifully crafted by Governor Ishaku has taken over the available space and its being executed without any glitch.

It is therefore futile struggling to sidetrack the governor with wicked lies. He is well focused and threading steadily to fulfill his remaining campaign promises. Governor Darius Ishaku like other Nigerian leaders needs prayers and continued support to succeed. Taraba State is surely destined for greatness. With people of goodwill around him, he will never waver, but succeed hugely to the glory of God..

Mijinyawa is the Chief Press Secretary to the Taraba State Governor.