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My attention has just been drawn to the fact that a certain propaganda group claiming to represent the Tiv in Taraba State has held a media forum in Abuja where it accused Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of encouraging the fighting between Tiv and Jukun in order to send the Tiv out of the state.

This attempt to blackmail Governor Ishaku certainly cannot stand. Most Tarabans including the Tiv in the state haven’t forgotten that Governor Ishaku, on assumption of office, ordered that all Tiv people who had fled their communities and taken refuge elsewhere in the state or outside the state as a result of the crisis in Southern Taraba before then, should return. And they did.

How then can the same man be accused of executing an agenda to send the Tiv out of Taraba State?

The Ishaku administration remains committed to its promise to promote peace between the Tiv and Jukun. Those who know him well are certain that he cannot do otherwise.

Various groups made up of eminent Jukun and Tiv persons are working behind the scene even at the moment, to end the conflict and pave the way for lasting peace in Southern Taraba.

This is no time, therefore, to make reckless accusations against the Governor or any of the other people making huge sacrifices in order for peace to reign.

What the government needs at this crucial time is the cooperation and support of people from both sides of the divide to ensure the success of the on-going peace efforts.