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Does TSIEC have the sole responsibility to put an election date before they communicate to political parties?

Answer: Yes, TSIEC went further to involve all political parties and agreed upon the date with attestations of 16 political parties gearing up for election.

Do you cancel an election because of one political party?

Answer: No.

Is the TSIEC Chairman, Dr Phillip Duwe competent enough to chair the state’s election umpire?

Answer: Yes. He has the experience and mental capacity having served twice as Commissioner and reached the peak of his Civil Service career, as Permanent Secretary for 10 years. Aside this, he was trained in election management by the European Union.

Why is the APC Taraba accusing TSIEC and its Chairman of bias?

Answer: APC Taraba is only economical with the truth. If TSIEC was bias in information dissemination, then who involved the 16 political parties that signed their attestations in readiness to the election?

How true are allegations by APC that they won In Ibi, Karim and Zing in the last LG election but TSIEC upturned its victory?

Answer: APC didn’t win election in the previous LG election. There was no election in Ibi and the materials are still in TSIEC till today.

There was only cancellation of PUs where there were reports of snatching of ballots and violence related issues orchestrated by the APC which disrupted people from exercising their franchise. Because that is what the law says about it.

Now you know the truth. Disregard fake news organizations like Taraba Truths and Facts who do smear campaigns and go behind to ask for huge sums of money to clean up the mess.