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Alh. Abubakar Bawa

Alh. Abubakar Bawa; SA Political to the Executive Governor of Taraba State.

Reacting to audio allegations against the Executive of Taraba state, Arch Darius Dickson Ishaku, Alh. Abubakar Bawa, the SA political to Governor Darius, reaffirmed that the Governor was elected by the citizens of Taraba state.

He countered accusations made against the Governor by an opposition party Chieftain in the state, who alleged among others that, Governor Ishaku has done nothing good in the state. Earlier in his Christmas message, Alh. Ardo Jika, a former Ambassador of Nigeria to Trinidad and Tobago, accused the Executive Governor of Taraba state and his government.

In a swift reaction, Alh. Abubakar Bawa, the SA Political to the Governor of Taraba, said, the APC Chieftain is not a member of the state House of Assembly and has not been in the state for a while now. The Governor don’t need to seek permission from him before he travels for any function.

Alh. Bawa further stressed that, on the issue of Covid-19 palliatives, Alh. Jika knows nothing about the palliatives in Taraba state.

“The Covid-19 committee set up in the state when the Federal government brought covid-19 palliatives involved; All Progressive Congress political party (APC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), representatives of conference of political parties, security agencies and civil society groups. The committee which was headed by the Deputy Governor of the state ensured that, all the palliative items were distributed evenly before the unfortunate #EndSARS looting.” He said.

Alh. Bawa added that, those items looted during the #EndSARS protest were Taraba state government items, which the former Ambassador is not aware. He urged the party Chieftain to be sure of his source before using whatever information available to him.

Alh. Bawa went ahead to correct the wrong impression about sourcing of loan in the state. He observed that, it is routine in the country for the government to collect loan. He queried the understanding of the party Chieftain whether the Federal government was wrong to collect loan or is there any government that is above sourcing of loan?

According to the Governor’s aid, the people of Taraba state made their choice by voting Arch. Darius as their Governor and are working with his government.

On the ongoing dual lane road construction and flyover in Jalingo, the Governor’s aid said that, the APC Chieftain just returned from abroad, however, he will not understand what is going on in the state. He called on the Chieftain to allow the people to bear their minds regarding the project.

Alh Bawa further said, the state government is doing well as there is no any questions regarding the administration of the day in the state. In a more objective way, he said, the party Chieftain should not double into what he has not idea about and stop making efforts to incite the peaceful citizens of the state.

He called on the APC Chieftain to contest for the seat of the Governor, if he is not satisfied with the administration of the Governor.

Recalled that, a group of Concern Citizens of Taraba earlier reacted to the audio allegations of the Chieftain, the group called on the security agencies at all levels to put the party Chieftain on their watch list. The group said, his utterances are inciting trailing on religious, ethnic and communal lines.