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The Executive Governor of Taraba state, Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku has expressed his displeasure over the security situation across the country and called on the federal government to as a matter of urgency, look into the situation by establishing state police.

The Governor made the remarks when he visited the residence of the late chairman of Ardo-Kola LGA who was recently kidnapped and later murdered.

He said that the federal government alone cannot handle security as it has been shown that they have woefully failed.

Governor Ishaku said that the security has to be broken down into strata to enable security situations to be effectively managed and beckons on the national assembly to look into the constitution with the view of ammending it immediately.

Since i came to power, i have reapetedly and am going to repeat it here again that unless we break the strata of security agencies, particularly the police, there must, i insist, there must be a state police and there must also be a local government police.


Where we copied this constitution is America. The United states of America has a federal police, state police and a local government police.


The federal government alone cannot handle the security. It has shown that they have failed and failed and failed. The security has to be broken down.


Where something is bigger than the local government police, the state police comes in, where it is bigger than the state police, the federal police comes in, where it is bigger than the whole three of them then the military is invited.


The military is the last resort but ours here its the military that is the first resort because we have woefully failed and am calling on the APC government to take this seriously and find a solution to it.


In this state, i have lost so many people that i can’t count. This is a chairman, i lost my own member, House of Assembly, Hosea Ibi and too many others to mention and as i speak to you, there is tension in the south west.


Do we continue to sleep and keep quiet as if nothing is happening? Something is happening which desparately needs our answer.

The Governor therefore, called on the federal government, all politicians both APC, PDP and all of those that are in position of power to seriously look into this issue of security and tackle it finally.