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In his efforts to achieve an accelerated agricultural development to boost the economy of Taraba state, the administration of Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku has collaborated with Fevick Resources to transform rice production in Donga LGA of the state.

The general framework of this market-driven project is geared towards the empowerment of Agripreneurs, particularly women and youths through mechanized rice production system, which provides the best growing conditions to include high yielding variety of seeds, fertilizers, good agricultural production, timely cultivation, efficient harvesting and dry season irrigation potential.

To achieve this project success, Fevick Resources partnered with St. Abda Limited, an agricultural consortium which provides project advisory, development and management services for agricultural transformation in Nigeria.

The farmer’s field day was organized to showcase the performance of all the varieties planted and its efficacy to withstand submergence flood in prone areas and the increased yield per hectare production.

After the field tour assessment of the varieties on display, the representatives of the Taraba state Ministry of Agriculture and Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr. Sale Pavali commended Fevick Resources and the various farmers groups for their efforts to achieve the ready to be harvested crop yield output.

“The Governor of the state promised to make us millionaires. This is how he will do it. He sent the organization to educate us in upland and lowland best practices in rice farming.”

“Today, the organization came with varieties of high yielding rice that will match the speed of soil texture and improve yields per hectare. The organization also came with other quality inputs such as chemicals that will help eliminate weeds and insects. Research revealed that Nigeria has the capacity to produce over eight million tons of rice per season, but as speak, Nigeria only provides four.

There are potentials in farming, therefore we should utilize the opportunity given to us by the government” he said.

Mr. Pavali added that the government is not limiting the project to only rice production, but wheat production is included and other varieties of crops too.

“We need to be committed to the project by remitting quantities of output in commensurate with the input given to us to enable the organization upscale their activities to dry season irrigation farming.

He also thanked the Gara of Donga, His Royal Highness, Dr. Sanvala for his support for the project by creating awareness among the people of Donga.

Mr. Samuel Adeshina (the Project Coordinator) thanked everyone for honoring the organization’s invitation. He appreciated the people of Donga for their spirit of hospitality. Afterwards, he expressed gratitude for the good output on the field and said, “If you don’t farm, the nation’s food security is at stake. From what I see here, I am happy that we are making progress. Agriculture has to be treated as business. We are aiming at building agriculture in Nigeria therefore; we can make millions out of agriculture.

“The project is also aimed at enhancing sustainable rural agriculture development to enhance community self-sufficiency and enjoy good livelihood wellbeing. A lot has been done and the output will be measured by scaling up to encourage the next phase of farming.”

“The project made provision for insurance in the event of natural disasters and also allows accessibility to finance, credit facilities and inputs. I must commend you for your commitment and want you to be more committed to the project and utilize the opportunities therein”.

The representatives of His Royal Highness, the Gara of Donga, Mr. Binuga Gargea thanked the government of Taraba state and Fevick Resources for the great opportunity to experience improved farm output.

“In recent years, we do have problems in planting and identification of soil texture and also to know the right variety to use. The coming of this organization has helped us a lot by exposing us to better ways of rice farming and the result is impressive. Farming is our occupation in Donga and educating us on a better way of farming is a great achievement to us. The government of Taraba state and Fevick Resource should know that we will be committed to this project and make good use of it” he said.

Beneficiaries of the project at the event through their representatives also expressed gratitude to the Taraba state government for the support. They also thanked Fevick Resources for all the trainings, access to finance; input provision and all that was needed to improve their farm yield in rice farming.

Some called for the provision of tractors for easy farming, while others called for the establishment of Fevick Resources office in Donga. A beneficiary identified some species of weeds that defied all chemical effects and called on the government to provide chemicals that will eliminate them on farmlands.

They pledged to be committed to the project and promised not to disappoint the efforts of the government.

According to a retiree, who is also a beneficiary of the project, “I never thought of going back to farm following the difficulties I had trying. But today, I have joined many in rice farming through the Taraba State Transformational Rice Farming Project”. Hon Jibra JP, who is the Chairman of Chairmen to farmer groups in his remark, urged all beneficiaries to ensure that they meet up with standard of scaling up of outputs from farms to the warehouse.

Another beneficiary said that the coming of this project has awakened them from sleep and that they will make rice farming their business.

In his closing remarks, the Project Manager Mr. Femi Afolabi reiterated that the warehouse is open for scaling up of outputs and that all beneficiaries should visit the warehouse for the process. He also assured farmers that those with good records will be compensated.