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Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku was presented with drugs worth 40 million naira from the Presodent of World Hepatitis Alliance, Prince Danjuma Adda during his visit to the Governor in government House Jalingo.

The WHA President, Prince Danjuma appreciated Governor Darius Ishaku for being the first Governor to kick-start a free Hepatitis treatment in the nation and disclosed that one person dies of Hepatitis in every 30 seconds world wide, hence the need for an emergency response on it.

Prince Danjuma Adda who is the first Africa to have risen to the position of the President, Hepatitis Alliance world wide described the Governor’s health initiative as encouraging and commended his efforts in sinking chunk of resources to fight Hepatitis, stating that the drugs he will be presenting to the state cost 80,000 naira per single treament dose and that he has over 100,000 of it and he presented some for free to the state government worth millions of naira.

Danjuma stated that he has gone ahead to plead with the organisation responsible for the distribution of these drugs for a discount from 80,000 naira to 30,000 naira to enable them collaborate with Taraba State Government in reaching out more to affected persons.

The Governor who in his response said he was very proud of the visit especially knowing that the President was a son of the soil, stressing that hepatitis is not an illness that will weigh one down rather it is one which will take one off feet unexpectedly.

He said that he never for once assumed that Taraba was involved in the case of hepatitis until the death toll of the state raised and he had to run an investigation just to find out that people were dying of hypertitise silently.

He thanked the President and the giant medical company who magnanimously gave the state a reasonable discount on the hepatitis drugs in other to bring the amount of affected patients to a very minimal level and said that the state is working hard in making sure that they totally eliminate this deathly illness.

While congratulating Prince Danjuma Adda for climbing the ladder to the position of President General of World Hepatitis Alliance, he urged him to keep Taraba’s flag flying high and assured them of his administration’s continues support in making sure that they succeed in making Taraba free from hepatitis.