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The Executive Governor, Dr Agbu Kefas.

Governor Agbu Kefas has announced the dissolution of the 16 local government caretaker committee chairmen in the state. This decision was conveyed through a press statement issued by the governor, who directed the chairmen to hand over all government properties in their possession to the heads of local government administration in their respective councils. The dissolution takes effect immediately.

Governor Agbu Kefas wasted no time in making his first appointments for key positions within his administration. Yusuf Ubandoma has been appointed as the Chief Protocol Officer, while Yusuf Sanda assumes the role of Chief Press Secretary. These appointments reflect the governor’s commitment to establishing a competent team to support his governance and effectively communicate with the public.

The dissolution of the local government caretaker committee chairmen signifies Governor Agbu Kefas’s determination to institute a fresh approach to local governance in Taraba State. By appointing new individuals to these positions, the governor aims to foster efficient administration and ensure the smooth functioning of local government affairs.

The immediate implementation of the dissolution highlights the governor’s resolve to swiftly enact changes and set a new course for local governance in Taraba State. As the chairmen hand over government properties, the heads of local government administration will assume responsibility, ensuring continuity in local governance.

With the appointments of Yusuf Ubandoma as Chief Protocol Officer and Yusuf Sanda as Chief Press Secretary, Governor Agbu Kefas is assembling a team that will support him in executing his vision for the state. These appointments mark the beginning of the governor’s administrative structure and reflect his commitment to efficient protocols and effective communication with the public.

As the new administration takes shape, Taraba State anticipates further appointments and policy initiatives aimed at delivering on the governor’s promises and driving progress across the state.