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Governor Agbu Kefas in a snapshot with some cleaners he engaged around FGGC road.

Within a short span of less than 72 hours after assuming office, Governor Kefas Agbu of Taraba State wasted no time in taking action to address the state’s environmental challenges. He swiftly employed a group of youths and women to clean the city, demonstrating his commitment to improving the cleanliness and hygiene of the area.

Early Thursday morning, a significant number of young men and women were observed diligently cleaning and clearing drainages in various locations, including Roadblock and the vicinity of the flyover. The area had previously been littered with broken bottles, used plastics, dirty nylons, and rags.

Accompanied by their brooms, the enthusiastic cleaners sang while sweeping the streets, exuding a sense of pride and enthusiasm for their work. They paid particular attention to the refuse along the roads, near the flyover, and the motor parks, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

During their cleaning activities, the cleaners chanted “sai Kefas,” meaning “only Kefas,” in a show of support for the governor’s proactive approach to tackling environmental issues in the state.

The initiative received widespread praise from residents who witnessed the exercise. They commended the new governor for taking immediate steps to address the long-standing problem of environmental pollution in the capital city.

Taraba State’s capital has historically faced sanitation challenges, with many areas plagued by poor hygiene and unpleasant odors. Therefore, the efforts made by the new administration to clean the city came as a pleasant surprise to both residents and shop owners.

Helen Yakubu, one of the cleaners, expressed her excitement during an interview with journalists. She revealed that around 300 individuals were hired on Tuesday, receiving a monthly stipend of N20,000 each.

Governor Kefas Agbu’s swift action in engaging the youth and women for city cleaning purposes highlights his commitment to creating a cleaner and healthier environment for the residents of Taraba State. It also serves as an encouraging sign of the governor’s proactive approach to governance and his dedication to addressing the pressing needs of the people.