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His Excellency, Dr Agbu Kefas with his newly sworn in SSG, Chief Barr. GT Kataps at the Government House EXCO Chambers.

The Executive Governor of Taraba State, Dr Agbu Kefas participated in the Oath of Office ceremony for his newly appointed Secretary to the State Government. The event took place at the Exco Chambers and was overseen by the acting Chief Judge.

During the ceremony, Governor Agbu Kefas emphasized his dedication to including a significant number of youth representatives as Commissioners in his administration. He expressed his firm resolve to initiate proactive measures and ensure a swift start to his governance.

In his address, the Governor declared, “We are committed to making a proactive start and are fully dedicated to achieving our goals from the very beginning. We will ensure that the vision of the government is realized.”

The New SSG, Chief Barr. GT Kataps Swearing to an Oath to assume office.

Governor Agbu Kefas’s emphasis on including youth representatives in his administration highlights his recognition of the importance of engaging the younger generation in shaping the future of Taraba State. By pledging to hit the ground running, he demonstrates his determination to swiftly implement policies and initiatives that align with the government’s vision.

With the appointment of key positions and the Governor’s unwavering commitment, the stage is set for the new administration to commence its work in Taraba State. The Governor’s proactive approach signals his intention to make tangible progress and fulfill the promises made to the people of the state.

Also, the governor made a significant move on Thursday by dissolving the State Executive Council in Taraba State. This decision was confirmed by Mr. Yusuf Sanda, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, in a statement released in Jalingo. In addition to dissolving the State Executive Council, Governor Agbu Kefas also disbanded the boards and parastatals operating in the state.

He went further to relieve advisers and Senior Special Assistants who had served in the administration of former Governor Darius Ishaku from 2015 until this past Monday of their duties. The sweeping action signifies Governor Agbu Kefas’ commitment to implementing his own agenda and assembling a new team to work towards his vision for Taraba State.

The dissolution of the State Executive Council and other governing bodies is a customary practice when a new administration assumes office, as it allows the incoming governor to appoint individuals who align with their policies and objectives. This move grants Governor Agbu Kefas the opportunity to handpick his own team members who will help him execute his plans and deliver on his promises to the people of Taraba State.

The decision to dissolve the State Executive Council, boards, and parastatals is expected to create vacancies that will soon be filled with new appointees, ensuring a fresh start for the governance of Taraba State. It remains to be seen who Governor Agbu Kefas will select to form his new team and how these changes will impact the trajectory of the state’s development.