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Dr. Agbu Kefas and Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya in his office at the Defense House Abuja.

Taraba State Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas, has given his approval for the appointment of Compol Agyole Asenya Abeh (RTD) as the Chairman of Marshall Security Guards. The appointment, which takes effect immediately, was officially announced by Chief G. T. Kataps, the Secretary to the Government of the State.

The public and all security agencies are advised to take note of this appointment. Compol Agyole Asenya Abeh (RTD) brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role of Chairman, and his appointment is expected to enhance the security efforts in Taraba State.

In a related development, Governor Agbu Kefas paid a visit to the office of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya, at the Defence House in Abuja. The purpose of the visit was not disclosed in the brief statement, but it signifies the governor’s commitment to fostering a strong relationship and collaboration with the Nigerian Army in matters of security.

The meeting between Governor Agbu Kefas and Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya highlights the importance of cooperation between the state government and the military in maintaining peace and security within Taraba State. By engaging with the Chief of Army Staff, Governor Agbu Kefas aims to strengthen the security apparatus in the state and explore avenues for further collaboration in addressing security challenges.

As the newly appointed Chairman of Marshall Security Guards assumes his role and the governor continues to engage with key stakeholders in the security sector, the people of Taraba State can expect enhanced security measures and concerted efforts to safeguard their well-being. The governor’s actions demonstrate his commitment to prioritizing the safety and security of the state’s residents.