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The newly procured Fire Truck for the Danbaba Suntai Airport

Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State has taken a significant step towards reopening the Danbaba Suntai Airport in Jalingo by procuring a new ambulance and fire fighting truck for the airport.

Governor Agbu Kefas and his Chief of Staff, Dr. Jeji Williams, had visited the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority office in Abuja to discuss the reopening of the Danbaba Suntai Airport.

The procurement of the ambulance and fire fighting truck marks a significant milestone in the airport’s reopening process, highlighting Governor Agbu Kefas’s commitment to improving the state’s transportation infrastructure.

With continued efforts and collaboration, it is anticipated that the Danbaba Suntai Airport will soon resume operations, serving as a catalyst for economic growth and development in Taraba State.