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Governor Agbu Kefas attending to a document for the procurement of tractors.

In an effort to improve agricultural practices and increase in general agricultural output in Taraba State, the Executive Governor of the state, Dr. Agbu Kefas, has signed a significant memorandum of agreement with the Czech Republic, creating way for the acquisition of 750 Tractors and 100 set of capro compact tractors for small scale farming in Taraba amongst other benefits to support small-scale farmers in the state.

The delivery of the tractors, which will be provided by the Czech Republic, is anticipated to take place within the first 100 days of the governor’s term, exhibiting a proactive efficient strategy for meeting the necessities of local farmers. The acquisition of these tractors is an intentional strategic action to empower farmers and increase their output, ultimately promoting the state’s agricultural development.

Governor Agbu Kefas gave a powerful address at the occasion, noting the importance of harnessing Taraba State’s agricultural potential. He stressed that by making investments in the agricultural industry, local populations can have better livelihoods and lower rates of poverty. A vital step in achieving the state’s goal of food production and socioeconomic growth is the acquisition of these tractors.

Small-scale farmers will have access to cutting-edge farming equipment through the tractors, enabling them to cultivate their farmland more effectively and boost crop production. The Governor’s overriding objective of fostering sustainable opportunities, promoting economic growth, and raising the standard of living for Taraba State’s citizens is in line with this development.

It is important to highlight that Dr. Agbu Kefas’ administration is committed to fostering the growth of agriculture, economic prosperity, and general well-being within the state. The government wants to foster a growth-friendly climate, empower farmers, and advance the country as a whole by putting up strategic projects and establishing international alliances.