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His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, paid an unexpected visit yesterday and embarked on an inspection tour of different government facilities which includes the State Secretariat, Specialist Hospital, Jalingo and the College of Nursing, Jalingo. The visit was made with the intention of evaluating the current situation as well as personally assessing the state of these facilities.

In order to get an accurate assessment of the state of the government facilities, Governor Kefas inspected them on short notice with a small crew. Through this proactive approach, the Governor was able to assess these facilities’ current situation firsthand and develop plans for improvements that will benefit the state as a whole.

He carefully examined the structures while he was there and noted any issues that needed immediate attention. The Governor intends to put into effect the required changes that will result in positive changes and enhance the facilities’ general functionality by physically inspecting them.

The unexpected inspection highlights Governor Agbu Kefas’ dedication to efficient governance and his resolve to deal with problems head-on. The Governor can develop a thorough grasp of the difficulties faced by government facilities thanks to this practical approach, which gives him an opportunity to decide in a way that will be beneficial to the state and its citizens.

Insights from the visit will be used by the Governor to create strategic plans that give priority to enhancing and modernising these government buildings. The Governor wants to improve service delivery, advance efficiency, and foster an environment that will support the development of the state by implementing beneficial changes.