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Mrs. Agyin Agbu Kefas during her visit to the orphanage house situated in Mile Six, Jalingo.

Mrs. Agyin Agbu Kefas, wife of the Taraba State Governor, has reaffirmed her commitment to uplifting the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in the state.

As part of her ongoing efforts, she recently conducted an inspection of the hostels and kitchen facilities at the orphanage house situated in Mile Six, Jalingo.

Her primary objective is to ensure the happiness, well-being, and overall development of these children.

During her visit, Mrs. Agyin Agbu Kefas assured all orphans and vulnerable children in Taraba State that they can consider the State Governor as their divine parents from now on.

She emphasized her strong desire to provide support and guidance to these children, aiming to empower them to become exemplary citizens and future leaders of the country.

“Although you may be orphans, please remember that you are not alone. We stand by your side and will always ensure that all your needs are met,” she expressed warmly.

Mrs. Agyin Agbu Kefas, who has always been deeply moved by the plight of orphans and vulnerable children in society, reiterated her commitment to making a positive difference in their lives.

Her visit to the orphanage home further exemplifies her genuine concern and determination to bring about lasting change for these deserving children.

Through her unwavering dedication and support, Mrs. Agyin Agbu Kefas seeks to create an environment where orphans and vulnerable children can flourish and fulfill their potential.

Her actions reflect her genuine compassion and commitment to transforming the lives of those who need it most in Taraba State.