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His Excellency, Dr. Agbu Kefas.

The Taraba State Government has taken a bold action to suspend every coronation programmes for district/village chiefs and title holders in response to concerns associated with the unrestricted coronation ceremonies held by traditional rulers. By taking this step, the concerned chiefdoms and the entire state’s peace and harmony are intended to be protected from potential disruptions.

His Excellency Dr. Agbu Kefas, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, issued a directive that addresses the requirement for proper engagement with the proper authorities prior to holding coronation ceremonies. It has been noted that the lack of such dialogue has generated tensions that may threaten the peoples’ ability to live in peace.

To maintain law and order and to make sure that the selection of district/village heads and title holders is carried out in a transparent and peaceful way, all coronation programmes have been suspended. Governor Agbu Kefas emphasises the importance of requesting permission and receiving consent from the state government before moving forward with any coronation event in order to avoid any potential breakdown of law and order.

Through the Bureau for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, the Taraba State Government demands strict adherence to this instruction. Traditional leaders, district and village heads, and other key players are expected to abide by the suspension and secure the necessary approval from the state government to conduct any additional coronation events.

The Government wants to encourage responsibility, diversity, and peaceful coexistence in Taraba State, hence it has suspended the coronation programmes. This choice demonstrates the state government’s dedication to ensuring that traditional leadership positions are carried out in a way that maintains the needs of the populace and promotes cohesion.

Residents and other interested parties in Taraba State are urged to follow this instruction while they wait for more information from the state government regarding the resumption of coronation ceremonies.