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The Executive Governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas received in audience the CEO of Overland Air, Captain Edward Boyo at the government house in Jalingo. The meeting was a courtesy visit by Captain Boyo, who expressed his sincere congratulations to the Governor and reassured him of Overland Air’s commitment to maintaining regular flight services to Taraba.

During the visit, Captain Boyo emphasized the significance of this occasion as it marked a crucial step in testing the viability of regular flight operations in Taraba. He conveyed his excitement about the potential for expanding Overland Air’s services in the region, offering increased accessibility and connectivity to both visitors and prospective investors.

Governor Agbu Kefas expressed his gratitude for the CEO’s thoughtful visit and acknowledged the importance of air travel in fostering economic growth and development in Taraba. Recognizing the role of air transportation in attracting tourists and facilitating business activities, the Governor urged Captain Boyo to swiftly resume flight operations, preferably on the same day or by the following day.

He highlighted that resuming flights promptly would not only demonstrate Overland Air’s commitment but also boost confidence among potential visitors and investors, making it easier for them to explore the opportunities and potential of doing business in Taraba.

Both parties engaged in fruitful discussions, exploring avenues for collaboration and the enhancement of aviation services in the region. Captain Boyo assured the Governor that Overland Air would spare no effort in providing top-notch flight experiences while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

The meeting concluded with mutual appreciation and optimism for a fruitful partnership between Overland Air and Taraba. As Captain Boyo departed, Governor Kefas remained hopeful that this collaboration would bring forth new economic prospects and prosperity to the state, solidifying Taraba’s position as a preferred destination for business and leisure travelers alike.