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1. Participants learnt new ways of doing old things in all sectors of administration.

2. The interactions helped us to know and appreciate each other better at individual levels. National law makers and the state ones collaborated for the growth of Taraba.

3. Participants updated their knowledge about governance in all its dimensions.

4. It was a moment of sober reflection as Participants caught a clear vision of the Moving Forward agenda of Dr Agbu Kefas.

5. In Abuja, Commissioners brain stormed with major stake holders in their ministries and strategic investors.

6. It was a refresher course on budget matters and revenue growing techniques for the relevant bodies.

7. Participants learnt the intricate synergy between the tiers of governance: the legislative, Judiciary and executive. With this, Taraba will run better.

8. Experienced technocrats and seasoned civil servants impacted their knowledge on the trainees.

9. It was a robust opportunity for all participants to acquaint themselves with global best practices in various fields like data collection, digital technology for governance and transparency in service.

10. Judicial officials were reminded of their daunting task of ensuring all round justice and a dispensation of righteousness in judgements.